A breathtaking miracle

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An appearance of St. Abanoub in his church in Australia.



  • dude i live in australia and i havnt even heard bout it...
  • Iam from Australia, and it has been sent to me several times. I just want to say, if it is real great, if its not then it will in no way affect our relationship with our saviour.

    to be honest with you, i heard the priest of that church does not like it.

    remember that this is very different than the times the holy St Mary appeared in egypt.

    God bless you all.

    Christos Anesty
    Alithos Anesty
  • I don’t doubt that it is real. Had some random child wandered into the church, he wouldn’t have been dressed like that. It is highly doubtful that any Australians would be dressed in a “galabaya”; especially a child. That of course can be argued and speculations will still arise.

    I can’t understand why the priest would be upset. Can you elaborate a little more on the things you’ve heard? I can’t imagine anyone being displeased with something so wonderful; especially a priest, who is more in touch with his spiritual life and closer to god.
  • good pt. Marina. Was it officially recognized by our Pope?
  • From what i know the priest (Abouna Arsanious) confirmed in an email to his youth that it was only a kid in the photo...

    Christos Anesti
    Alithos Anesti!
  • [move]Wow, this shows the power of the intercession of the Saints![/move]
  • What do you guys think of this miracle? It was sent to me in an email from the archdeacon at my church. I believe it is Pope Shenouda in the picture.
  • That's wierd....it didn't attach!! Tasbeha.org team, what did I do wrong? I just clicked "browse" selected the file and clicked "post" and it didn't appear. :(
  • WHOA! is that an ear?!?
  • Mark,
    No, I don't think that's an ear. It attached the second time around? That's wierd. Anyway, its the despotikon part of the Body...doesn't it appear to look like The Blessed Virgin Mary?
  • Oh, I thought it looked like an ear...
  • I heard a case of a man who took communion then some fell from his mouth or somthing, anyway they took it to a lab and it turned out to be flesh with a completley different genetic make up than the man.
  • The priest allowed the Body of Christ to be taken out of the Church to a lab? What religion does this priest practice?
  • I'm not sure of the validity of this story... just somthing i heard along the way, I dont know the details
  • I SEE IT NOW!! thats amazing
  • Yea, its really blessed. But, I don't think the Pope has officially recognized this as a miracle just yet. The Church most likely won't until Pope Shenouda (may God grant him a long life as our patriarch) departs (God forbid).
  • Ofcourse, God forbid. Look at the rainbow...
  • Rainbow? Where?
  • oh the picture was too large, i need to change the format
  • .

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  • Wow!! That's awesome! Do you know who the serving Priest or Bishop is? Looks like a bishop. Any idea where this happened too?
  • Oh, and any idea if it was officially recognized yet?
  • Don't know much about it. As far as my knowledge, this took place in some church in Florida. Thats all I know, sorry.
  • Oh Ok. Thanks anyway.
  • No Problem
  • Wow! Thanks 'Banoub' and 'Mark423',

    They are really nice pictures... I've never seen or heard of these pictures before! :)

    When did the first one (Pope Shenouda?) happen? Was it in Egypt?

    Thanks for sharing these with us... If you or anyone else has more please share them with us...! :D

    God Bless...
  • i one time heard of some muslim lady in egypt that went to take communion in a church where no one knew her... and she never swallowed it
    so after the mass she went outside and spit the body onto the floor, and it turned out to be a piece fo meat
    she picked it up and ate it and converted
    or so the story goes
    but several stories go around, so i dunno, just thought to share that
  • hey,
    i just wanted to clarify why a priest of the church may not completly like the idea of saint apparition stories going around...
    the Bible tells us to be discerning, and we shouldn't easily be swayed by our eyes, for the only thing we benefit from apparitions of the saints is an even greater reminder and redirection to the Glory of Christ. sometimes priests worry that this may distract us from the holiness of the altar within the church and they only wish that a saint doesn't take any glory away from that... hope that helps
  • That was very meaningful and quite logical Marys, Thank You very much.
  • interesting story SMS!
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