A breathtaking miracle



  • I have to get back to you guys on where the Pope Shenouda miracle happened because the person who sent it to me left for Egypt. When he gets back I'll ask. But I just want to make it clear that this still has not been officially recognized by our Pope. I don't want to mislead anyone. God Bless you all! :)
  • i still find that one of the most amazing pictures ever...
  • [glow=red,2,300]I've seen the first 2 pictures, with St. Abanoub(my good friend) and the blessed Virgin Mary. But the last one is incredible, just like the promise God did to Noah.[/glow]

    By the way, if the message is glowing, it's because I am playing around with the features on the site, and exploring it lol

    Pray for me,
  • what promise God did to noah?
    i dont c how that relates to a rainbow coming out of hte baraka... unless u mean just the rainbow itself?

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  • SMS,
    Mathitis is referring to the convenant God made with Noah after the recession of the flood waters. God promised that He would never again wipe all creation off the face of the earth at the same time, and that the rainbow would serve as a reminder of this promise for Him as well as us, His children.

    Your brother through Christ, our Blessed Savior,
  • oooooo k
    Thanx Chris! :)
  • I don't mean to sound too pessemistic, but maybe it was one of those times that the light went through the crystals of the chandeliers and it looked like a rainbow. It does happen, especailly with prisims, and churches usually have alot of them.
  • good point mmhanna
    but as i guess we already said... pictures can easily fool us
    but what do u think of the one with HH Pope Shenouda III?
  • i have un pregunta....what did that picture of our father baba shenuda signify or mean?....im sry but can someone plez tell me?......
  • Angi,
    It appears as if the despotikon part of the Body was shaped in likeness to that of the Virgin Mary's bust. If this was true, then indeed it is a miracle as the Virgin graced our Church with her presence at the time of this mass. Again, it has not be officially recognized as of yet. We'll see though.

    O Lord, O Lord, O Lord, You became like those who are dead: The Jews cast You in a tomb, sealed it and kept watch over it. You did all that in order to save our souls.
    - Chris
  • i also heard of a miracle and this was caught on video tape, that while a bishop was doing the mass and he was holding the body,he fell and died, but you could see the body go down a couple of inches then back into the plate!! i had to see it a couple of times in order for me to believe it. People say that the angel of the mass did not let the Body fall and carried back into the plate.
  • Yes. I too have heard of this great miracle. You have been lucky enough to see it? whoa. I wish I could view it, but I doubt that tape is nowhere to be found. Wow. Truly a heavenly miracle. I wonder if anyone knows if it was recognized by the Church yet? Thanks.

    He destroyed the brass gates: and cut down the iron bars: and brought out His chosen ones: in gladness and joy.
    - Chris
  • [move][glow=green,2,300]Hey! I think that that video tape was copied and is even sold in my church. I also think that the miracle was recognized by the church. I dought that the church would sell the tape if it didn't recognize it as a miracle.[/glow][/move]
  • wowow dizzy
    but cool! ( i mean the tape)
  • I think the apperance of St.Abanoub is real becuase why would a kid be wearing a white "galabaya". also if there was a kid in the church, wouldnt the camera guy see him through the lense ???
  • exactly ;)
  • :)

    ye but that is sooooooo cool n scary i have pic of st Mary and Jesus when they appered

    n by da way i have a frend dat goes to St abanoub
  • Do you think you can enlarge the picture a little? Its tough to see. I don't think Jesus appeared though, because wouldn't that be like a Second-coming? ???

    Paul the apostle: speaks of the honor of the Cross: saying, "We will not pride: except in the Cross of Christ."
    - Chris
  • This miracle happened in India, after Qurbana:

  • Here's the picture
  • I don't think so Banoub, because I just heard that Jesus Christ King of Glory appeared to two kids in Egypt in the 7'alf el aswar program...any ideas guys??

  • na dats right defender
    there was this guy at my church he had a picture
    a couple of weeks ago Jesus and 2 of his disciples were walking in Jerusalem and someone took a photo coool

    heres another photo

    c dat white fing in the sky dats him
  • here is a picture of the apparation of St MAry at the zaiton in egypt
  • speaking of miracles listen to this
    at my church (St Anba Abraam Maquarie Fields, Sydney)
    we were having the Nahda for Anba Abraam anyway this lady came early and the church was locked, she waited for like half n hour then a man dressed like a man went and opened the church she thought it was one of our monks (abouna Philemon) anyway she walked in after him he walked in the alter and she was there praying with the Agpia half n hour later she expected him to get out of the alter anyway couple of minutes later abouna Philemon walked in, she asked him if he was in there and how he got out but he just came from another church. he went in the alter and no-one was in there.
  • :)
    nd anoder time sorry in the one above its supposed to be a man dressed like a monk not a man

    at my church again st Anba Abraam, these two suddanes women were walking round in the camp site(our church) they heard a noise behind them it sounded like someone was actually behind them they turned around and it was Anba Abraam walking with his walking stick then he vanished

    how cool is dat heres the real picture of him
  • dis is the real silhoutte of Jesus
  • ok...i no i'ma little slow, but i still don't see how the despotikon on the Holy Body in picture on the first page of HH Pope Shenouda looks like Saint Mary. i looked at it for a few minutes, but i still see no resemblence.
  • You have to look at it and focus. It's only the bust of St. Mary (her head and a small piece of her neck). It is not the whole figure. Look again and let us know if you see it.

    Defender and nardin,
    thanks for the correction. That really is the holiest of all apparitions.

    Pray to the Lord on our behalf, Amba Abraam, Bishop of Fayoum!
    - Chris
  • No Problem Banoub,

    I just have a favour to ask ypu nardin, could you please attch largere pictures? or maybe enlarge these ones?

    Also, in my Priest's Church in toronto, they used to see a man pass by and tell them "Rabena ye3wadkam" also they heard in the gym the sound of a horse and the steps and pounding of a horse, this Church was St. George's.

  • oh i see it now.. and she's facing H.H. thanks chris...
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