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  • Hello everyone,

    I would greatly appreciate it if you guys remember me in your prayers/ put my name on the altar because I will be starting medical school. Thank you very much and God bless.
  • May the Lord have mercy on you, and all those patients you will come into contact with!
  • Please remember me in your prayers...
  • If deacons or priests are still reading this thread and they are putting prayers on the altar, please put this prayer on the altar for the nearest liturgy...tomorrow, Wednesday, whenever.

    -Thank You God so much for listening to my prayers, answering them, and helping me in my greatest time of need. Y.
  • If anyone can, please pray for my dear sister who has an interview for pharmacy school on sunday morning.

    God bless and take care of you all.
  • Please pray for me, deep in exam season at the moment.

    God bless.
  • Please pray for a family in our church, which the father had an heart attack and is doing heart surgery.

    Thank you.
  • May the Lord have mercy on him, and on all those who love him, and grant those treating him great attention and skill.

    God bless
  • I already posted this in its own topic but i can use all the prayers i can get.

    Hey there, i know that is prayer request isn't as urgent as others on there, but its really important to me and i can use some prayer.

    I take my drivers test this Thursday and this will be my fifth time ( i know, please don't laugh). I know how to drive but i just get nervous so can you guys please pray for me that i pass because me not driving takes a toll on my family and friends because i am always asking for rides.

    So if you guys don't mind saying a quick prayer, my appointment is 1:30pm this Thursday.

  • Rahil
    All the Monks at the St. Mary and St. Moses abbey
  • o my holy god i pray you for well being of my dad and mom and wherever they are protect them from evil spirits i dont care myself but please bless my parents with your love ......amen
  • After offering up prayers for the repose of our father, H.H. Abune Paulos (may he intercede for us with great fervour before the Lord), i would request prayers for my MCAT tomorrow.

    Please pray for me, a sinner
  • Please pray for me with SAT scores coming out and ill be submitting college apps very soon and I have up coming college interviews.. it is just a very stressful process

    Mary G. :)
  • Please pray for my sister, as she is applying for medical school. She's applying for multiple schools and she, as well as our family, is praying she can get into a local one. I also got a new car and will start driving on my own soon, please pray for God to be by my side when I drive and to bless my new car. Please pray for both me and my sister in our school work, my dad with his job, and my mom with raising a family.

    Thank You so much and may God reward this service.
  • Please pray for me as I have a very difficult exam on Friday and it seems hopeless right now :/
    Also please keep my brother in your prayers, he is struggling in many aspects of his life
    Thank You and God bless  :)
  • Please pray for me that God my help me and show me the right way. I am faced with various decisions right now and I need God's help. Thank you.
  • While I know nobody looks at this and and prayer requests are not put on the altar.. Nonetheless out of desperation, I will ask for all your prayers because each aspect of my life needs a miracle and only He can do that...

    Sorry for the disturbance, thank you..
  • may God help u all.
    there are not as many people posting on these days,
    but that doesn't mean no one prays.
  • [quote author=mabsoota link=topic=8866.msg160712#msg160712 date=1351355350]
    may God help u all.
    there are not as many people posting on these days,
    but that doesn't mean no one prays.

    That is true... and the fact that people do not post saying that they are praying for you does not mean that they are not praying for....

    God be with you :)
  • You are right, thank you!
  • pray for Alexander, Nathalie, Mikael, Erik. Amen!
  • my name is mary and i am praying that God would help me and all those who are going through exams or any rough time. i am also praying that God would give me a job.
  • pray for Tera who may be possessed by some demon.
  • pray for Hugh who has a lot of problems in his life.
  • Please pray for my friend Melvin Ingham's eldest son, Nathaniel; who has been sent overseas to hospital in critical conditon!  :'(
    Another victim of the brutality that has over-taken this Island of Bermuda.
  • Please remember me in your prayers...
  • Please pray for Elias who have problems with addiction, Daniel, Nathalie.
  • may God give u all peace and help u in the difficult times.
  • pray for Johanna and Sanna.
  • prayers for Sanna
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