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this thread is made for people who have prayers that they would like to put on the altar...

so add your post of prayer, and I and/or other members can take these posts and put it on the altar. this will be great for people who are far from any church, or have something urgent and they want to put on the altar before the weekend.

I will check it everyday and put it on the altar for you...

neshkor Allah, benakhod baraka!


  • Please pray for me because school's really stressful right now
  • For God to help me in choosing a career.

    For a friend of mine Gaby to get closer to God and to the church.

    Thanks and GBU!
  • Thanks so much!

    Pray for the Lord to show me(pie) what path He wants me to take in a career, and my studies.

    Thankyou soo much!
  • Thanks, GOd bless you!

    I wish that I pass this last exam year with big succes and that God arrange for me a nice futur,
    and that he gives me power to not to sin....and that I come much closer to God...& for my father that God may solve his problems
    and give him love and peace and that he always trust me....and for my mother that God heals her and
    lead her in the right pad......and that he give her power, love, hope and peace....and
    for my family and all My FRiends in Egypt that he bless them and help them and protect them
    from all evil, and all my friends in Europe too.

    Thank you!

    Marmar M.Y.A.
  • Yes! Thank you so much!!!

    - For Teta Lucy Messiha who has breast cancer
    - For God to help me pass a very important exam
    - For God to help me find a good job
    - For God to manage my life and let everything be according to His will
    - For God to forgive my sins, and stay with me always, to grab my hand and never let go
    - For God to bless all my family and friends

    - joseph
  • Peace & Love,
    Please I need a lot of prayers from every one here regarding immigration issues.
    Thank you and God Bless
  • Thanks you so much and God bless you.

    Please put on the Altar and raise prayers to the Lord for:
    - Adele my mother to help her and heal her
    - Raphael my departed father
    - Aida my departed mother in law
    - Mariam my wife to heal her
    - Cherine and Peter my daughter and her fiance to bless them
    - Fadi my son to help him succeed in life and in his studies
    - Nabil to find a convenient job with a good stable income

    Dear Lord Thy Will be done. Amen.


    [btw John is my Christian/Baptism name.]
  • to everyone, I have been taking the prayers and putting them on the Altar... except for the ones without a name... I cannot tell abouna to pray for "foofighter738438" so in these cases I put a generic prayer if I'm able to... forgive me, please!

    also John, stated some departed, so we can do that too... but please for the departed they have to be Orthodox (this is to my knowledge, if I'm wrong please correct me fr. Peter or admins)

    benakhod el baraka... neshkor Allah
  • SOrry that i didn't write my name, I will write it now...

    I wish that I pass this last exam year with big succes,that he choice for me
    the right study and that God arrange for me a nice futur.
    That he gives me power to not to sin....and that I come much closer to God...& for my father that God may solve his problems
    and give him love and peace and that he always trust me....and for my mother that God heals her and
    lead her in the right pad......and that he give her power, love, hope and peace....and
    for my family and all My FRiends in Egypt that he bless them and help them and protect them
    from all evil, and all my friends in Europe too. To stop the persecution in Egypt, or at least to give all christians in egypt and all the world power and that many muslims become christian and understand & respect our religion.

    Ameen see personal mssage

    Can u still put it on the altar please? Thank you, God bless
  • thank you Marmar... but if you don't want your name to be public, you can pm it to me...
  • I am gathering up these names, and will be praying for all those who have been named at the altar, and I will pray generally for those other requests. I do pray for you all.

    Do continue to post requests, and to let us know how things are working out for those people you have asked prayers for.

    The Lord bless you all

    Father Peter
  • I recently took a very important exam. Please father, pray that my results be favorable if it is God's will.

    Please remember me in your prayers
  • Prayer for Hanan Shokry to pass her last medical exam at the end of this year.

    Thanks Superman,
    Pray for me,
  • PLEASE PRAY FOR ME! Please, I ask you to pray, that the Lord our God may save me from mine enemies and my will. Also that our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ may bring me closer to him, and all of us closer to him. That we the UNWORTHY SINNERS may be forgiven for our sins and may he grant us a relationship with him as a master and slave, for we are unworthy to be his children or his servant or his slaves! But by his grace and love may he allow us to be worthy to worship him with a good worship and glorify him with a good glorification. Amen.
  • Pray for my weak and decrepit self, which continually slides back into sin, deviating from God's will, and mocking God's tender mercies. Pray for my hard heart of stone that refuses to weep and for my weak will which is like a reed in the wind in times of temptations.
    Pray for the exams which are creeping up on me, that God grant me success, despite me being in a position where I am worthy to life up my eyes to heaven.
  • I am sick and tired of my love of sin! O Lord my God, please help, me, my brothers and sisters of whom I know and don't know, and my parents, to come close to you! O Jesus Christ our God in your Holy name and in your Holy passsion do we ask you to please take our heart's and place them in your rightousness and in your kingdom that we may seek after you; that we may seek to have a relationship with you; that we to may be like your saints and obtain thine Holy and Glorious mercy. Please O holy saints please intercede upon our behalf that we may win mercy, and have a relationship with the One Godhead the Holy Trinity as his children.
  • May the Lord have mercy on those of you who have asked for prayer.

    I will remember you at the altar today.

    God bless you and have mercy on you.

    Father Peter
  • Thank you SuperMAN(BAM) and thank you Father Peter.
    Please keep on these good prayers for us the unworthy.
    The Lord is glorifying His Name according to His Mercy and Grace.

  • Pray for my strengthening in spirituality and to come back to our Lord. Also pray for me to keep control of my weight.
  • Please put my name:

    Tony Moussa

    Thank you!

    God bless!
  • Please pray for:

    Me, as I am being baptised tomorrow.
    Ian Yates - A Friend of Mine Considering Orthodoxy
    Sylvia Fraser - A Recenty Departed family Friend
    Natalie  - My sister, who is currently ill.

    Thank You.
    From Daniel
  • Please include my family and myself (Mina) too as I have my final exams coming up.

    Thank you and may God reward you the heavenly rewards,
  • I have a Chemestry test after lunch today! PLEASE pray for me, that Jesus Christ our God and Savior can have mercy upon me the sinner, and bless me with the knowledge and understanding of His glorious and wonderful work. And may He in his grace, rise up and defend me against mine enemy who seek to destroy my soul. Thank you for your prayers! God bless everyone!
  • Please pray for my future! That it will be in the hands of the Lord and not in my own hands. Please, O Jesus Christ our God, teach me your Word, and give me the understanding of your creation. In addition, that my job/career/work can be to honor and glorify your Holy name, and your Holy and endless mercies. Take away O Lord any pride or praise of man from our hearts that we may not steal your Glory and claim it for ourselves for all glory, and honor, and adoration is due unto Thee O Jesus Christ our good Savior. Please, O Lord, teach us how to follow thee and know thee more, that through your mercies and the guidance of your Holy Spirit may we be made worthy to obtain thy salvation and worship thee with a good worship forever and ever in the heavenly Jerusalem!
  • Please pray for my family on the Altar:
    - for my son Fadi who is having many difficult exams starting this saturday
    - for my wife to heal her affected knee from complications
    - for me to be accepted in an appropriate medical job soon

    - for all COC youth who are currently having exams

    Let us all also repeatedly pray for the relief of the actual difficulties imposed on the COC in Egypt.
    EDIT: please keep praying, the Lord is watchful and cares for His flock.

    Lord, thy Will be done. Amen.
  • Lord, have mercy.

    I will remember these at the Altar.

    Do please pray for me, and for my family, and for guidance in my own life and ministry.

    Father Peter
  • Pray for me for i just took a big exampray that i have done good on it.

    Thank you and God bless You
  • Dear Father Peter,

    Thank you so much for your kind care.
    May Our Lord Jesus Christ always guide you and bless your ministry.
    Your family and you are in my prayers.

    I pray for all who are having exams and those who are job seeking,
    may the Lord intervene and grant everybody His Blessing and His Grace and let them succeed.

    Please pray for the relief of the latest COC tribulations.
    EDIT: please keep your prayers, the Lord is watchful and cares much for His flock.

  • Glory be to God forever!
    My son Fadi succeeded as did most of his peers and friends (a miracle indeed).

    Please keep your prayers on the Altar for the other requests, it is becoming a hard situation.

    Please pray on the Altar for all who are now suffering heavy tribulations for the sake of the Lord's name. May He swiftly help them stand firm and save them from evil persecutors. Amen.

  • alhamdulilah  :)
    glory to God in the highest.
    may God grant yr other requests, john, and give you the patience and peace and provisions as you wait.

    may God give peace to those suffering for the name of our Lord and Saviour and release to the captives.
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