T.V. and the Devil....????

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i'm a bit obessed with watching t.v. not that i dont have a life ;D ;D ;D....its not like i cant live without it......but i wonder if thats bad cuz i rarely watch religious things....mostly reality shows... i donno how people cant watch a lil' t.v....sylvia....lol...u weirdo....jk... ;D ;D ::) ::)...but its t.v. like a tool the devil uses to get to us....it makes sense.....i donno.....wat do u guys thinl about this....lol...just curious...thanks a bunch....lol ;D ;D ;D...MishMa3fool....lol... ;D


  • It's more a tool the politicians use to control us. If you ever read "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley, you will see that the people are controlled by pleasure, and that they choose to be controlled like so. Also, if you read "Amusing Ourselves to Death" by Neil Postman, you will see that Postman gets deep into this matter and discusses it very well in my opinion.

    A good example is how Ronald Reagan got elected president; Althought his policies were not great, he looked like such a good guy on TV that people voted for him because he looked like a good guy and people thought he would represent the true Americans.

    The devil makes things look really great and awesome, but are not so in real life. A good example of this is clubbing. Many movies include alot of clubbing, because he started the whole notion of clubbing and he made it look cool, whereas in reality it is not.

    TV as a means of communication with the devil is very vague, since the devil has many ways of communicating to you, even when you are in church. TV alone will not do much on its own.

    In your case, I'll refer you to the first commandement, "You shall have no gods before Me". It is ok to watch TV for entertainment, but if you let TV control you, making you a slave of the shows, then it's wrong, and who have made TV into a god.

    On the lighter side... Reality Shows? Why waste your time with that? Watch the discovery channler or something MUCH more useful! lol. ;)

    God bless,
  • I think Saint Paul said it best in his First Letter to the Corinthians, Chapter 6 verse 12:

    "All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any"

    We can be wise with what we do with our time. :)

    If TV or even the Internet, is going to take us away from God, then clearly we must think before we act.

    I am not just talking about not watching certain programs or going to certain websites which may appear to DIRECTLY cause you to sin, i am also talking about the more devious trap set by the devil. That is wasting our time, so that we spend more time doing nothing rather than Getting closer to God, learning, playing sport etc.

    TV and the Internet, (Media in General), are great sources of information and can be used to benefit us. But it can also be misused and abused by both viewers / users and the creators.

    Let us ask ourselves a question, which hurts personally me everytime i think about it...

    How many HOURS did i spend watching TV, playing on the internet etc.. Last Week at Home.

    Similarly (and this is the killer), how much time did i spend with God, while i was at home last week?
    (often the answer can only be given in minutes :-[)

    Let us be wise, let us not be slaves to anything (whether it be TV, internet or our desires), but let us pray that BY GOD'S STRENGTH we can control ourselves, and give glory to God.

    Please pray for my weakness,

    God Bless You! :)
  • Why would a Christian oriented thing be from the devil? Unless Christianity is from the Devil...
  • Iqbal,

    U the Man. Tell them how it is. The truth hurts.

  • [quote author=aek.. link=board=1;threadid=661;start=0#msg12249 date=1096285116]
    Why would a Christian oriented thing be from the devil? Unless Christianity is from the Devil...

    no one said it comes from the devil. it is just greatly influenced by it. barely any of us(speaking first of myself) would go watch religious rather than a tv show.
  • hey guys.....i think he/she misunderstood my title subject.....and it not that i cant stop watching t.v., but i guess its a way to release stress for me....and i noe u guyz might say go read a book... ;D ;D ;D...lol...or sumting but that stresses me out even more....i also think reality shows or wateva kind of shows (GH...lol...sylvia) helps me get my mind of the drama in my life....and i have so much of that.....and i noe that the devil could use it against me because of all the emotions that r released in you when u watch a movie....if any of u get what im trying to say.......but dont worry im not like t.v. crazy.....lol....thanks for ur help...
    "All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any" that is an amzing verse thanks for sharing it Minrew and aek i donno were u got that.....dont try to confuse us..
  • i personally dont lyk to watch t.v unless its a comedy or a scary movie , but all these reality shows omg they're so fake and excuse me, stupid! I mean y do u wanna watch someone else mess up in their life or win a 1,000,000 for eating a pigs eye or a mouse or something, thats disgusting and u get NO BENEFIT! I mean how does eating a pigs eye bring u closer to God?!
    I'm not saying i'm an angel with lyk 12 halos, but watch a reasonable amount of television u kno? I mean the devil is such a thing! He will bring anything to make u sin in any way....i mean they curse and show sexual manners in cartoons now!! >:( You cant watch a normal t.v show, even if its on Disney Channel, without them saying "hell"or yadda or yadda, personally i cant sit there 4 lyk 70yrs plopped on a couch and watch sum1 else live their life while i'm wasting mine. You wanna watch a reality show? Tape ur self from the time u wake up to the time u sleep, lolx. I think that we never kno exactly when the devil will attack us since it can be in any way shape or form so we have to watch what we watch, hahah thas funny, neways u gotta be careful that wut u watch is not going to interfere with ur relationship with God and influence ur daily life. I mean if the show u watch has cursing every nanosecond and u start cursing bcuz of the show u better break that tv set! But yeah thas my opinion ;)

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • this coming from a person whoz song for the summer was....u noe...that time u chanced me to listen to it.....bring me up on sumthing.....u noe wut i mean....lol...jk....luv u... ;D ;D.....i donno its more than t.v. ders stuff online, rap....which most people curse in....im not saying that i dont listen to it cuz there sum realli good songs...."Jesus Walks" Kanye West....love it....lol... ;D ;D ;D...i just like listening to his point of view....and watching people eat cow eyes wont bring u further from god...it might inspire u to become a veterinarian....lol... ;D ;D...u never noe....and i watch TLC...the learning channel..and oprah...i love her (oprah for president..syl).....in a way that brings me closer to god...i watched an epsiode of oprah about the russian school massacre and cuz of that i got to hear that great sermon....why god allows suffering....lol...god works in mysterious ways.....lol... ;D ;D ;D
  • You're right it wont bring u further from God but its not bringing u any closer...wouldnt u rather use ur time wisely than waste it on ppl who eat things that are not meant to be digested? :-\

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • yea.....but u cant honestly say that you spend 24/7 finding ways to get closer to god through your actions or the paths you take....and if you are thats AMAZING..i wish i had that much will power...... ;D ;D ;D....and im not trying to justify that t.v. is great or wutever...lol... :)....im just saying that im human....and der r other things that arent god related that get you off ur butt.....like sports....those dont bring you closer to god.....or other activities.....doesnt God want just to enjoy ourself....and be4 any of u blow off at me.....i dont meant to spend ur whole day doing something wasteful.....but just things that will bring smiles to ur faces and so on and so on....u get were im going.....lol :-\
  • i'm confused,.....
    but on the contrary, i don't think tv is such a bad thing unless u sit on the couch all day wathing it, and doing nothing productive. the tv can be good, ez: dicovery channel, animal planet, the news.... and there r a lot of good shows out there, but if ur using the tv 2 see dirty things and using it in a wrong way, then it's probably wrong. ...................... if ur watching something that ur afraid ur parents might yell at u 4, then just don't watch it at all!!! ;)
  • i get that but i was trying to explain that not all your activities will necessarily bring you closer to GOD....and it wont bring you further from GOD..... ;D ;D
  • Chill guys, i was just saying that 2 much tv is not good :-[, smile everyone, lolx, it was just my opinion i didnt mean 2 offend any1 or mean 2 sound lyk ms.perfect, i just happen 2 not lyk watching tv, but sorry :-\

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • u took it the wrong way...lol....i didnt mean ur wrong....i was trying to prove a point....lol.... :) :) ;)
  • hey guys
    well my opinion is that a little tv wont hurt but too much of it is bad becaus e then u will be a slave to it just like u could be a slave to smoking
    that means that u cant help it any more and that is temptation '
    anyone from bergen would know what im talking about
    so i suggest that maybe put that in ur new years resolution or try to cut it down during the holy week

    i skipped some of ur posts guys bec they weere too long
    so excuse me if im random or repetitive
    thanx bye
  • It's just like they say, "Too much of a good thing is bad."
    T.V. isn't nessacarily good, but at the same time it isn't 100% bad, so my opinion is that as long as you can control the amount of T.V. you watch, and what you watch, it shouldn't be bad.

  • i agree with u sleepy
  • so do i....thanks.....guys.....lol... :) :) :)

  • One must live in the world but the world will not live in me.
    That what our Pope Shenouda told us. I agree with sleepy
    for what he said. You can prephere the good things in TV
    and the bad things which are bad and not suitable leave it.
    These are of no use at all and waisting the time. We all
    suffer from what we see or hear, but by the help our Lord
    we can choose and prephere what is the more suitable
    and most benefit to us. Time is valiable and we are
    responsible for it for our benefit.

  • Dear All,

    I have nothing against the TV, but we have to know how to use it wisely. I think that the devil uses the TV to make us waste our time in silly things. The TV can have a lot of benefits. You can watch religous programs or many other non-religous thing that can help us grow and increase our knowledge. We have to be careful not to waste our time watching bad things. Some people are addicted to internet. This does not mean that the internet is bad but it all depennds on how we use it. You can find a lot of literate about the bible like commentaries and audio sermons on the internet. No body can say that this bad.

    GOD bless you all.
  • I so agree with that internet part....lol

  • yea..........i noe so many ppl who r addicted...cough cough sylvia cough....lol......but it all depends on who u use it....lol.... :) :)
  • lol, hands up for the ones who are addicted to this site ;D
  • lol.....it is addicting...but in a good way :) :) :)
  • i agree with what mhaddad was saying but i have a question
    u were saying that some people are addicted to the internet
    what if yes they were addicted to the internet but in a good way. i mean like this site
    i dont think thats bad, i think that u are using ur time wisely
    i dont know i need some opinions on this
    what do u guys think
  • :o I'm not addicted, lolx, i happen to just appreciate this site very much ;D ;D

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • yeah i know but maybe i could be addicted not to this site in particular
    but i was wondering if i could instead of focusing on other stuff to do i could spend more time on this site
  • lol...i know what u mean!!! :) :) :)
  • so would that be better or still considered addiction
    if instead of the time that i spend on the internet doing other things llike chatting, etc, i could spend that time on this site or something similar
    would tha be better or the same thing
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