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Hi Guys,
I was wondering if you can help me.
I went to tasbeha on saturday and I was soooo lost! ???
I didn't know which bit they were on and what they were going to read next. It was all in coptic, so even when I found where they were I would get lost again. :'(
so.... I was wondering if someone could tell me the order or direct me to a website with some info.

Thanks Guys


  • http://tasbeha.org/content/articles/arrangement_psalmody.php

    here's a good brief article about the order of the tasbeha. If u need any specific info, just ask ;)
  • i read that info in the front of one of the tasbeha books, but i still got lost.
    some of it was done in arabic this week which was better, but i still got lost.
    anyone got any tips/ tricks on how to flow along and to benefit the most out of it?
  • Hey flo,

    Get yourself a copy of the tasbeha in Coptic. If you want to learn, there's plenty of resources on this site, coptichymns.net, and copticheritage.org. Try to learn following along with the text so you can associate words to music. Also, it's dead important for you to learn some Coptic. Actually, if you just learn the alphabet beforehand (best resource is www.remenkimi.com), then you can follow along easily on the night.

    But generally, always best to listen to it a lot on tape/CD/on-line and read up about it. That article suggested to you at least teaches you what comes after what and the essential parts.

    All this in your belt, you should be well ready for your next tasbeha.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.


  • Tasbeha is sooooo cool.I ask the leader.lol

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