The Arrangement of the Holy Psalmody (Praises)

The Holy Psalmody consists of the prayers of the Evening Hour, the Raising of the Evening Incense, the Midnight Psalmody, the prayers of the Morning Hour, the Raising of the Morning Incense. The Holy Liturgy is said after the Holy Psalmody.

As with all other services in the Coptic Church, the Holy Psalmody starts with Doza PatriPoc nai nan, The Lord�s Prayer Our Father---, the Thanksgiving Prayer, and Psalm 50.

Thereafter, on non-fasting days, the prayers of the 9th , 11th, 12th, and Veil offices of the Agpeya are said.  For fasting days, the prayers of the 11th, 12th, Veil offices are said.

Here the congregation says the Introductory Psalm, Nieynoc t/rou, Psalm 116.  They proceed to the Fourth Hoos (Canticle), The Psali (of the Feats, if applicable) of the day, the Tehotokia of the day, and the Conclusion of the Theotokia (Adam or Batos). Finally, the raising of the Evening Incense is prayed.

The prayer of the Midnight Psalmody begins with the Midnight Office of the Agpeya.  Afterward, Teny/nou Tennau, and the First, Second and Third Hooses (Canticles) are said Thereafter, the Greek and Batos Psalies for the Three Saintly Children, the commemoration of the Saints, the Doxologies (of the feasts if applicable), Starting with Temetnis to the Conclusion of the Doxologies Swpi nyo, and the Forth Hoos (Canticle) is said.

The body of the Holy Psalmody begins with the Psali (of the Feast, if applicable) of the day. Then the Tehotokia of the day is said. Afterward, the Antiphonarium is recited and read.  Finally, the Theotokia is concluded with the conclusion of the Theotokias (Adam or Batos).  Here the Introduction to the Creed and the Creed are said and then the Litany V} nai nan. Finally, the Midnight Psalmody is concluded, with Absolution of the Midnight office.

Next, The congregation says the Prayers of the Morning Hour. This consists of prayers of the First Hour in the Agpeya, and the Doxology of the Morning Hour, which begins from Tenouwst mviwt to Neknai Panou, the Conclusion of the Adam Theotokias.  After the Prayers of the Morning Hour, the Liturgy is Said.

Let all things be done decently and in order.� (1 Corinthians 14:40)