please pray for my mom and my aunt!

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hey guyz, i hope everyone is doing fine..please pray for my mom cuz she's going thro some hard times plus she's very sick  :'(  ..also my aunt is getting a lung transplant or watevr u call that idk  :'( they need everyone's prayers..thnx



  • The intercessions and prayers of the lady of us all the theotokos St. Mary, and the prayers of St. George the prince of martyrs and Philopateer Markorios, and Abba Mena of fayat, and Anba kyrollos be with you and your family
  • You're in my prayers.

    Pray for my mummy too please :)

    Thank you,
    +God Bless.
  • Wow. Sandrahanna, you showed real virtue when you hoped first that everyone is doing fine- and your faith that God hears our prayers (something I guess I doubt sometimes, or something that I really need work at). As a Medical student I have had some exposure and I have some knowledge about some really debilitating diseases, and I know that having a lung transpant is a really big deal- not only the procedure itself but the ongoing sequelae. I pray that God will guide the clinicians , but at the end sister, I pray that God's will be done- for though we do not know it, it is the best for us.

    The prayers of the righteous avails much, so please contact your FOC (which I think you or your family would have done by now). Just perservere, and remember that with Holy Communion you are in unity with the Saints, and they also give petitions for you.
  • Btw, I pray for you.

    GBU and pp4m

    Your unworthy brother in Christ
  • [coptic]+ Iryny nem `hmot>[/coptic]

    The prayers of the righteous Abba Paul be with you.
  • Thank you guyz soo much..idk wat they would do without everyone's prayers..

  • Don't worry!! They're in my prayers.  ;)
  • Through the intercessions of the Holy Theotokos St. Mary, Abba Antony the Great, St. Mark the Evangelist, David the Psalmist, and the host of all the heavenly saints, my prayers are with you.
  • Pray for her, that rabena yer7amha..she passed away...

  • im so sorry to hear that. but don't worry, she is with God now, and away from all evil.She is in a better place, and do not be sad, but rejoice through God. She is still with you. My prayers are also with you. May God do what is best.
  • May God rest her soul in the. . ."paradise of joy, in the reigon of the living forever in that place, and we too who are sojourners in this place keep us in your faith and grant us your peace unto the end" Liturgy of St. Basil, don't mourn but rejoice because she has gone to a better place and is finally at rest, i have a story, when abouna Pishoy Kamel passed away at his funeral his wife intsead of wearing black wore white and said she is happy that he passed away because he is in a better place and knows he has a good place in heaven
  • thanks for sharing that, and see sandra? jydeacon's 500 post is for your aunt!
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