Friends and Feelings... Do They Mix?



  • NO NO NO, you were on the right track

  • so i'm stuck in the middle now ???

    ok, i decide i take side of the winning party, u guys decide which one that is hahah
  • Girls will win. It's all a matter of

  • matt you better be in our side :D
  • Don't try to suck him in with your lame jk

  • we are not sucking him in we are just showing him the RIGHT way
  • Im mo7tar here, y did this thing turn into a guys/girls thing anyway (notice how i mentioned guys first :P lol)???
  • First is the worst, second is the

  • NO WAY first is winner second is the first of the loosers :P
  • Oh yea, keep telling yourself that, maybe it'll come
    Back to the topic of friends and feelings, and them mixing..

  • i wanna hear botu personal experiences..both positive and negative, if its not much trouble... it might both give us amusement and benefit j/k... lol... BENEFIT.. thanks.. keep em comingg
  • My best friend is a guy. We've been best friends for a long time, and nothing has evolved between us. Whenever we might joke with eachother, we know it, without having to tell the other about it. We used to be close before as well, but people's talk made us split for awhile because we wanted to prove to those few special selcet people that what they thought was going on was a lie, and they realized it in the end. Now we're tighter than before, and we know that it's ok because the other person brings us closer to god not the other way around.

  • very good sleepy, lol! now if the rest of u would care to share! ... keep em coming
  • i think Paulh's post all the way on page 1 pretty much answered the question. It really depends on if you can be that guy's or girl's friend and not have feelings develop. Sometimes, a guy or girl will be friends and one of them will start looking at them differently. Of course, most of the time, it's like Sleepy has explained: you're just tight knit. But in other cases, after a guy and a girl spend a long time being friends, they get to know eachother quite well. And sometimes.. that initmate knowledge brings about a deeper insight into their respective personalities. One of them will go,'I didn't know this about him/her.. they're so beautiful because of this or that... could it work as more between us?'

    I think the key is communication. If feelings develop between friends, a respectful (because feelings are precious) and honest talk about it can keep the friendship on course. Of course, it could turn out to be mutual and maybe something more can blossom. So it's definitely about communication and knowing thyself.

  • I just have one question guys, should you be friends with someone who used to like you?

  • i think if you two get everything cleared out then sure why not
  • and you didn't know about it till your friend told you....

  • wait i am lost i think lostegprincess got something going around that is affecting us :P because i am starting to get lost too ???
  • lololol
    You didn't know that this person liked you till your other friend told you....

  • sleepy, ur a different case. i guess i should generalize and say it depends on the case
    for u its ok, i doubt anything will evolve, u 2 r like bro and sis.
  • That's not what you thought before, but sure, why not....

    any other comments?? lol

  • i never said anything before. all i said was that u guys looked so close that there was something going on, before u ever told me anything
  • well sleepy my first adivce is talk to that person and see what are his feelings? maybe your friends mislead you (not that they will do that but that is still a possiblity)
    Then depending on that out come you talk to that person and clear everything up with him.
    you HAVE to face that person in order to become friends with or he will keep getting wrong sgnials you HAVE to clear things out first befor being friends
  • i think she went through that stage indirectly, correct me if im wrong
  • I don't know what he thinks of me as....I believe that it's as a best friend, but at the same time, I love him as my brother so mush that I would never want to mislead him...

  • Sleepy,

    Have you and this guy talked about this openly? It seems like you're both tiptoeing to avoid addressing the situation.

  • Actually, to tell you the truth about the whole situation, he used to like me before we became so close, but he gradually lost his crush for me. We have been best friends for a long time now, and many things have gone on in his life that would prevent him from liking me again...I'd rather not say....but a few of my friends are convinced that he may like me again, and tha twe need to talk about it, but I fear that we may lose the friendship we have if it goes the wrong way, so, God help me with this decision, I think that I'm just going to leave him be and break my friendship with him....

  • how do u know he lost his crush for u?
  • How do you know that he didn't?
    Many things have been going on to point in that direction, you just don't know...

  • well u c.....4 u pple who noe starting a lecture here seriously...i think this topic has been brought up so many times....i think theres nothing rong with mite lead to something unexpected even if we are carful....y not just have them as friends that can b ther wen u need them....but pple take things the wrong way somtimes and y put urself in that position?!?!?!
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