Friends and Feelings... Do They Mix?



  • Lol, u guys are funny...

    Egytony i was just joking, buddy! Hey, can we beleaze get back on track...

    Thanks and God Bless!

  • it depends on the parents. i know parents that dont mind as long as they know nothing is going on. however, there r some that they want u to do nothing with the opposite sex and it is sometimes even harder on the girl. guy could get away with it, but not the girl. thats just how the eg society is. this is based on 2 coptic communities that i know. my parents r the strict ones, im not even allowed to say hi to a guy. :-\
  • hey thnx heaps ASM for defendin me ;) thats pretty kool of u.
    and Egytony ill try to be more clear forgive me.
    cant u just feel the love? ;D
  • *music*WHERE IS THE LOVE??*music*,

    dude moving his hands in a weird way and saying: I've got no matter for my liberty, I got no something something for my inequity.

    Another old dude with a Bible: "FATHER FATHER FATHER help us, guide us...."

    lol I love that song pps.

    how did we get from friends and feelings to dude moving his hand??
  • lol :D good times... you kids are jokes.... moving on...

  • hey ppl,

    U guys are halerious, i guess i got nothig more to ad, we all seem to agree with the idea of honesty and open heart... and parents disagreeing.

    Well about the parents bit. My mum now understands that it is normal to talk to girls ( thought she is quiet picky{open for interpretation} about them, lol). I see how in egypt parents are a bit more strict, but the sad fact is that having friendship with someone form the other sex is not encouraged there somewhat. I mean if you can't explain to your parents your chice of friends then i suggest u talk to em some more because avoiding them is not the way to go, and if your relationships trouble you, be honest aboutti to your priest.
  • peet, how old are you?.. if you dont mind sharing..

  • hey you guys.....
    just my opinion: coptic guys are usually there for u till the end of times... american/"aussies"/canadians dont always stick by ur side
    i started to get kinda close (like friends close) withthis guy during the past school year, then he just all the sudden stopped talking to me..... it hurt at first, but i've gotten over it... meanwhile my bestest guy friend from church has been to hell and back, and we've known each other for YEARS... and we tell each other whatever we want... anything from girls, to sex, to drugs, to parents, to dumb egy's, to siblings, to work.... u name it! he's closer to me than my own brother and even my own best girl friends :-X :-\ ... and i know my girl friends dont like it when i hang out with him cause i'm always messin with him, n they're afraid ppl will talk.. but i figure, i dont care... if they c me n him hangin out INSIDE church, its better than hangin out OUTSIDE of church and having to hide our friendship and then feel the need to meet secretly behind the congregations back or talk on the phone privately.... cause then i'd end up hiding it from my parents, and i dont want to do that of course

    thats just my long opinion of how u n a guy can be friends... non-coptic guys are able to last, but often dont... so i learned to stick to my coptic brothers who will be there for me till my wedding day and beyond... say i marry someone who will hit me or my kids... i know my coptic guy friends would be there to back me up right away if they saw any marks on me...

    as far as parents go... if my mama n baba c some of the eg guys i know and sometimes talk to, i think they'd have heartattacks! so sometimes... its just better to show these guys to my parents, but i dont point them out or introduce them directly.... i want my parents to live lol
  • as far as parents go... if my mama n baba c some of the eg guys i know and sometimes talk to, i think they'd have heartattacks! so sometimes... its just better to show these guys to my parents, but i dont point them out or introduce them directly.... i want my parents to live lol

    SMS all i got to say INTERESTING comment thats all i have
  • hahahha
    what i meant is that some of the guys i talk to as 'spiritual brothers' arent exactly all that spiritual... but then again, who am i to judge?
    i mean its just the whole 'ghetto' look that would throw my parents off a bit... n if a group of them came up to me to say hi....which has happened before... my parents just look at me as if to say... BE CAREFUL... i feel like just telling them to check the guys for guns before they approach the
    but they're egy's... whattia expect?
    cant say i blame them.... i must say i actually agree with them... :-X
  • you agree with your parents !!!

    ER rep: Hello how can i help you?
    US: Ya we got a case of high temp with SMS
    ER rep: Well what is her temp and what other symptoms is she showing?

    jk i am playing SMS
    :P ;D
  • lol Wasim.

    I don't see why it is wrong to have a best friend of the opposite sex. I have three best friends who are females, and we've been good friends for at least 7 years now. Nothing has happened, nor anything will happen. There of course have been their bouts of flirting here and there, but that's it. Nothing more. I think it's healthy having a close friend who's not your sex. But you always need a friend of the same sex who can understand you, without you having to explain your feelings word for word.

    According to what David has said: by the Holy Spirit: "The Lord said to my Lord: Sit at My right hand."

    - Chris
  • lol....

    i was just going through some of the msgs on the boards and its really interesting (and sad) to see how much we care what other ppl think....i mean, u could probably count hundreds of occasions where someone mentions being afraid of someone from church seeing u doing something or with this certain person. honestly, i think that as long ur not doing anything wrong, there is no reason to worry....
    i realize that theres always gonna be gossip (especially in the church community), but u can't always let that be on ur mind
  • i agree with u 100% mtm. but wat can we do? thats the envirnoment that we live in, especially egs. i know people that stopped coming to my church because of all the gossip about them. its pretty sad. wats even sadder, its the old people of the church. my foc told me not to care about wat people say as long as ur not doing anything wrong
  • hi guys i'm new to this thing and i started readin this discussion and i wanted to get my 2 cents in, i have had alot of xperiences with these things and with almost everytime the devil attacked and one of us had feelings for the other i'm not sayin it happenes with everyone but with me it always does i guess i'm weak huh ???
  • well from you name/e-mail i can tell you are a girl (i hope i am not wrong :D) i don't know how old you are?
    but i think it was mentioned before on the site that girls get more emotional than boys and i think that might be one factor into that
  • Wasim, i just think that maybe that 'emotional' road runs both ways. Girl or Guy, when u have those feelings for someone, its not easy to deny them, rite? Well i think its fair to say guys can be just as emotional as girls. You can fall for a girl just as much as a girl can fall for u... at least thats what seems logical to me

  • I agree with ASM. It can work both ways, it isn't a one way street. Females may tend to show their emotions more, but that doesn't mean that guys don't feel the same way if. They just hide the way they're feeling(guys, if this relates to you back me up ;)), my best guy friend does the same thing but I've gotten him to open up to me, so it all depends on how you look at it.

  • it wasnt always me that had the feelings so it def goes both ways but grls tend to show it more that's all
  • and by the way yea i am a grl
  • high five to my fellow shortii!!!! lol

  • ok i have my hands up and i confess it, it goes both ways. as SMS said girls tend to show it more than boys i guess that what i should have said
  • Ok your forgiven but just this once, no more slipping up though. there are 2 many female forces working againest u on things like that. :P

  • Yup, yup. Confessing is a very good virtue.....jk jk.

  • ASM, took the words out of my

  • hahah ;D we're on the ball!

    team work! take em out one by one

  • i need some male power around here man
    but ya confessing is a good thing ;D
  • lol. ASM, i think we scared

  • **running**
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