• to the earth..yes, to Heaven, yes...but put him back into the furnace, and its just like home.
  • Quick overall general reply..
    We are the only part of creation that is created in God's image. This being absolute truth, it is the only thing that renders us able to receive the gift of Salvation. and salvation is only offered to those creatures with a soul, for the soul, in combination with mind and body, is what renders us the ability to discern right from wrong and the ability to choose either (the gift of freewill). So if we are the only creation with that.. then we are the only ones eligible for salvation, making Christ's death and resurrection only applicable to us. So say for example.... there is some life on some other planet... so what? whatever or whoever they are, they aren't going to be "more intelligent life forms" since we're the epitome of intelligence (well, we are created in the image of Perfection)... so back to my point. It doesn't matter if they exist or not.. i agree, it would be nice to know. But their existence has absolutely not affect on our road to Salvation.. so eh.. why's it matter?
  • actually there is a theory that the universe is geocentric on the earth... this theory suggests that the whole universe moves in relation to the earth... there would be no way to prove or disprove this, its like trying to figure out if the bus is coming at me or the whole universe is moving toward the bus, there's no formula to figure that out its a matter of perspective...
  • Someone please explain to me how this "aliens" topic has any relation to this site ?

    How does having an "aliens" discussion benefit anyone spiritually ? &
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