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This might sound like a veeeeeeeery stupid question, but I am really wondering…

What does the bible say about aliens? Does it say there is such a thing? Is it wrong to believe in them?


  • Illegal immigrants?

    lol. Good question. As far as I know, I don't think it mentions them. I could be wrong.

    - Chris
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    What’s funny is I was going to write… “and no I don’t mean Mexicans” You are hilarious man.
  • As far as I know, there is no explicit mention in the Bible. Of course, Jesus could have been an alien in the sense that he wasn't really from this world. In fact, God is an alien because He is not from this world.
  • Mark,
    lol. ;D

    Well then, speaking in that sense, we are all aliens. Christ himself said that His children are not of this world. And we are all His children. So I guess we're all aliens.

    John 17

    15 I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.

    16 They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.

    - Chris
  • [quote author=ServantOfJesus link=board=1;threadid=372;start=0#msg5047 date=1088308052]
    well aliens are obviously another race that can do most things we do and even more..that is sort of saying that we're not the only dominating race that god has created. It means that god is alos focusing on them as much as he is on us. So no, in my opinion at least. And in several verses it speaks of us being the dominating species and the earth being where the lord is. Somewhere in isaiah i believe. If jesus was to come down, why the earth and not another planet? he didnt get crucified several times. Anywhere where there is beings similar to mankind there is sin so therefore i believe that it is wrong. :)

    Wow great response, thanks a lot. :)
  • If aliens (beings from other planets) do exist, they may or may not be like us... no matter what, All salvation is thru Christ... whether or not they are more dominant, or less... The salvation of the WORLD is thru HIM...
  • Yet I think Aliens would be a strike from the devil to astray us from our faith.

  • no all creation is from God, the devil cannot create... If there are aliens, they were created by God...
  • Satan and his fellow fallen angels are not from this world. So when the apocalypse comes, it will be an alien invasion. Kinda like "Independence Day" I think.
  •'ve wondered about this a lot actually. I wondered about if there was life on other planets, and if there is then did God become Incarnate there too..But i look at it this way. God doesn't make anybody without giving him/her the option of following Him. Each and every person in this world that is not Christian has had the option of becoming Christian, and if they haven't yet, then they will be (Romans 8:11 "None of them shall teach his neighbor, and none his brother, saying, 'Know the Lord,' for all shall know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them."). So if there is life on other planets, then God must have done something to let them know about Him and let them know that He's God and give them hope of salvation. Now that could be anything, as far as coming down and becoming incarnate, but that wouldn't make that much sense to me, because He only came down once, and if he does again, then it would be the Second Coming. So now i just confused i'm going to send this post and not say anything else before i completely lose it lol..
  • But the question is, would aliens know how to express love as we do? Otherwise, how can they receive the Word of God?
  • oh thanks for the amaazzing link. It just warms my heart. lol.
  • I certainly hope so, my brother. May we all learn to express love to our neighbor as demonstrated by those eloquent words on that website.

  • lol...yeah..the words...i forgot about those.
  • The way I see it is that there MUST be something else out there (in terms of life). God created soo many galaxies and universes...Earth is just a tiny insignificant spec (relatively). I don't understand why he would have made all those other galaxies if nothing were to happen on them? There has to be something else.....
  • Why compare God creation... all of it is good... thats like comparing white people to black, or indian to chinese... why? God made us all, and He said we are good... also, I don't think God is sitting in the center of the earth literally, that would be hilarious... you know what's in the earth's center? Molten lava.. Anyway, the Bible is written for the human species, not any other, if God has a plan for others, so be it, I will be happy to meet them in His presence... God's love is so infinite, He has enough to go around...
  • Everybody is one in God. We are the Body, and Jesus is the Head. All are one, and nobody is an alien.

    About the martians who landed in my backyard, I took care of them. I hung them up on my wall :).
  • U still got their ship rite ;D
  • Yeah. I modified it a lil tho. It's legit to go on the streets of Canada now :). It's also my own transportation to school. 0-60 in .23 seconds :D
  • Hate to burst your bubble. This would make a good science fiction book yet I was looking for something from the bible…
  • I don't know.... maybe the simple fact that there isn't anything from the bible that really supports OR REJECTS aliens perse, we cant really judge..... but I for one can definately speculate ;D
  • i'm with you on that one, we really have no way of knowing right now... and I guess it doesn't really matter... its like trying to figure out if the universe revolves around the earth, or the earth resolves around our sun...
  • lol I don’t want to bore you with a physics explanation, however, we can prove that the earth revolves around the sun…

    Trust me on this one; we DO live in a heliocentric galaxy.
  • Oh no, heliocentric=Copernicus....please god,

  • [quote author=Mark423 link=board=1;threadid=372;start=15#msg5267 date=1088395671]
    lol I don’t want to bore you with a physics explanation, however, we can prove that the earth revolves around the sun…

    Trust me on this one; we DO live in a heliocentric galaxy.

    Our solar system is definitely heliocentric. But our galaxy isn't, because our system isn't really anywhere near its center. But I know what you mean.
  • Ah yes, you are correct.

    Although I didn’t mean to say galaxy… since the Milky Way is a spiral galaxy is it possible that our solar system would move from the halo and into the central bulge. It would only take about 100,000 light years. ;D

    Glad to see somebody is up on their astronomy ;)
  • Aleins don't exist. Area 51 is just a scam to look good.
  • I thought Andromeda is the spiral while the Milky Way is the saucer. Or did I get that backwards?

    God bless!
  • mmmm....Milky Way..i could use one of those right about now...

    um..anyway, i gotta agree that i don't think we can figure this one out by bible verses and stuff like that [unlesss we're really REEAAALLY good with the bible]. just an idea..but maybe this is one of those things that God just doesn't think we're ready to find out. i'm not discouraging anybody of continueing to try to find out who/what is out there, but just goood luck cus i never really went across a bible verse that talks about aliens, and in the verses where it talks about "earth," i don't think that it's just talking about the earth. at that time, i don't think they knew that there were other planets. i understand that the Holy Spirit informed them of certain things, but i think that when they said "earth" they just meant the world(s) in general. using the word to try to refer to everything in nature that God made. this is just a very vague idea, and is very arguable, but its just a very vague idea.
  • Well Paulh, the only reason I can think of for omission of the topic of aliens from the Bible is that it might be irrelevant to the Message. I don't know how the existence of aliens (or lack thereof) would affect how we should conduct ourselves from a moral and spiritual standpoint.

    Of course, I still think that Satan would qualify as an alien.

    God bless!
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