I have a girlfriend



  • very well stated :D
  • Marmar, its not egyptian parents, its Christian parents...and I use to think ur way til God allowed me to go through some hard times, and i realized that God uses our parents to show us the right path in our lives, thats why God made sure he stressed the action of obeying our parents by making it a commandment "Honor your father and mother", and by the way, thats honoring them REGARDLESS if theyre right or wrong, u get the blessing of obediance
    And yes having feelings for a girl these days and at our age is very dangerous to our spiritual life and sadly unless the relationship starts off with Christ in the center, then the emotions are directed toward the 2 people rather than towards God
    We should care for everyone, but homie at 16 ur just learning to tie your shoes as far emotions go and if ur not careful ur shoes could come untied and before u know it, ur tripping over ur own laces

    "My strength and my praise is the Lord and He has become unto me a salvation"
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