I have a girlfriend

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Hey everyone Im new here, I really love ur disscusions. I just wanted to ask ur appinion on something going on in my life. I have really liked this girl for about a year, and now she told me that she likes me too, and now we r going out. Im 15 by the way.The thing is that we really love each other, not alot of people know but those who do always tell us that we r going to stay together. Her parents of course like any other parents dont allow her to see boys, wut do u think i should do? But the thing is that we really do love each other.


  • how long have you been her boyfriend? and how do you know you love her? She says she "likes you," not loves you. I would save a lot of trouble and either stop, or get her parents involved if you want it to be long term.
  • well i've been her boyfriend for about two months now. And she did tell me that she loved me. we cant get her parents involved though because they would make her go back to her old church and away from me. I know I lover her because shes all i think about night and day, i miss her even when im with her. i really want to be with her all the time. I dont want to get her in trouble though. wut should i do?
  • Dude your fifteen you need to focus on life. Dating at fifteen is not commenable, believe me, I know. Learn from my mistakes, get yourself out of the cycle, before you get trapped in it!
  • Lover,
    All I can suggest is check these threads out and then form your own decision. Don't let anyone tell you to do anything. Let them advise you, but don't let their advise be the only thing you hear. Check these out:

    Views on Dating

    Views on Dating!!! (Different thread than the one above)


    Hope they help you as they've helped all of us.

    Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. (Romans 12:21)

    - Chris
  • Hey Lover (lover? hehehe.......no jk)

    How's it going,

    Well first of all I want to ask you some questions:
    1.Is she from Church?
    2.Is she who you think you will share your life with?
    3.Are you two commited?

    I don't see anything wrong with it but I have to give you advice upon answering these questions.

    God bless you, my friend.

  • Hey Lover,

    Please explain to us how you justify kissing like you did on AIM. I myself think it's wrong but since you insist it's right then I think these members should get involved.

  • I never said it was right i said it wasnt like ur haveing sex eith someone MR.PERFECT (YEA RIGHT) GOT IT?
  • hey lover!!! don't worry some of my very good friends have the same problem. u know wat our fathers of confession told them: how do u know if u love her if u never loved anyone before? how do know its love and not lust. trust me. im 14, i know wat ur going through.
  • See guys the thing is I no this girl really well, she goes to my church and shes a really good girl and never even had a boyfriend other than me and i no that for fact because i've known her for a really long time. I also think that she really is the one thta im going to be spending the rest of my life with, and the same thing even happen to my sister and now they r going to be engaged soon to her boyfriend and they liked each other since they were 14 But i know that i love her for sure

  • It seems from your writing you are not very open to advice. So I don't know why I should bother,

    I never called myself perfect all what I was trying to say is that I think it's alright if you be her boyfriend yet don't suck God out of both of you by touching and kissing and all that.

  • y know wut mike i dont want ur advice because u dont know how to give any
  • Lover, you clearly are infatuated for all the wrong reasons. Talk to a priest, read the threads that Banoub has so wisely suggested, and pray to be guided in the right direction.

    Defender, if you had a conversation with lover on AIM, it should stay on AIM. It was a private conversation and it was wrong of you to transfer any of the things you spoke of onto a public forum.

    Finally, if you two find it necessary to argue with one another spare us all the anguish and do it privately, we don’t care for any of it.
  • Well Im really not with her so i can kiss her or do any of those things, in just with her because i love her, I always pray that we stay together and that god would always be our bridge of connection and love.
  • HEY HEY guys take a chill pill everyone we all here trying to help each other out ;D
    lover i know what you going through and how it seems that everyone is wrong around you because you like that girl A LOT i was in your place and in your place my BIGEST BIGEST advice is go to your church priest it doesn't have to be your FOC go to the priest that you feel the most comfortable with and just talk to him as a friend not a priest or a father or anything just an older friend and see what he says.
    Look my advice do what you want to do AS LONG as you know you are not doing something against God or the church Doctrine
    and everyone keep the love going around plz
  • If you truly love her and just want to be with her because you think shes a cool person then:

    a) don’t hold her hand
    b) don’t kiss her
    c) don’t be alone with her EVER
    d) tell her parents and yours

    Doing those things ensure no fornication which eliminates one type of sin. We can’t monitor the lust in your head, but this is a start…
  • See the reason i dont want to talk to a priest is that he just gave a lecture about how dating is wrong and u should only do it when u want to get married to that person, and frankly abouna would not take me seriously as someone who would want to get married in the future, he would tell me that im not going to marry the girl and that right now im just going out with her because i think that shes hott, but the truth is I love her because of her personality and who i am when im with her

  • See thats the stuff i dont agree with because i no thats its a sin to hold her hand...... etc............. But then again i dont find it as the biggest issue i have to face, and trust me her parents can not find out because that would be a big big problem and i would not see her for a really long time and like i said before i even miss her when im with her.
  • it seems like you only have one priest in your church and i see another reason you don't want to talk to him because if you do he might tell her parents and i know you don't want that to happen
    i am not sure where you live but what about your favorite priest don't you have a favorite priest go to him.

    oh ya i never remembered to ask you did you tell your parents i know you guys didn't tell her parents but what about your parents??
  • no we didnt tell my parents either, no we have four priests at our church but my favorite one was the one who gave the lecture about dating and how its not right because of the lust. But i am going to talk to him about it anyway because i think i can help me out.
  • ok sounds like a plan lover hopefully that will help you out man
  • yea thanx for helping out man, and pray that me and her will be together forever and that christ will always be with us
  • [quote author=LOVER link=board=1;threadid=369;start=0#msg4948 date=1088238132]
    well i've been her boyfriend for about two months now. And she did tell me that she loved me. we cant get her parents involved though because they would make her go back to her old church and away from me. I know I lover her because shes all i think about night and day, i miss her even when im with her. i really want to be with her all the time. I dont want to get her in trouble though. wut should i do?

    There's your problem. That's the devil's work. If you think about her day and night, how can you pray? The devil is succeeding in taking you away from prayer, even though you attend mass. The devil pulls these tricks with the monks as well, but on a more severe level. Do not look for a girlfriend.

    Put your life in God's hands, and let Him guide your every breath. If you do so, life will be so amazing, that you will want to give everything up to live the Bible cover to cover. If you put your life in God's hands, you will have not a thing to worry about.

  • Is it just me, or is this place starting to sound like a "Dear Abby" column, lol. Don't get upset; I’m not trying to be mean or anything ;D
  • LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!
  • lol. I thought Abby died?!!? She's back?!

    - Chris
  • Who's Abby? ???

  • No but the thing is that im always also praying that we would stay together forever and for god ot protect her and thing like that so the fact is that she brought me evn closer to god because im always praying for us to be together forever and for god to protect her from any harm
  • Awesome,

    I think all relationships built on God are succesful, so if yours is then God bless it.

  • Buddy, I think you are too infatuated with this girl... If this was for real, you would tell her parents and yours because Love is expressive. You cannot be in love with her because you are afraid to tell her parents. If she loved you, she would fight for you, if you loved her you wouldn't be afraid to tell your parents and hers. No matter what. Its only been two months, how can you love her already... I understand that you feel love for her, but it isn't love, trust me I've been there, when you look back on this in 5 years, you will laugh at your infatuation..

    You pray to God to keep you together, but do you pray to God for her well-being even if it is for her to be without you? If you truely loved her you would pray for her, even if it means she should be without you... true love is sacrificial... false love is deceptive and self-serving...

    I pray for my girlfriend too, Im 23 by the way... but I pray for God to Bless her and for her happiness and well-being no matter what... with or without me...
  • Whoa Michael Thoma. That was amazing. True words of wisdom.
    It brought a tear to my eye :'( (im not tryin to be sarcastic). Honestly, very very very well put. I agree whole-heartedly! :)

    - Chris
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