Who can you go to?



  • i agree with rf_zachari...
  • I think your FOC should be the one you confide in the most. After all, he does know the most about (I would like to think so...) and he can help you in ANY situation.
    Plus some of us feel like we're embarassed to tell our parents something (which we should try to overcome...) So yeah, he would help you the most...especially since it's the Holy Spirit speaking through him.
    Even if it seems like your FOC is always busy....ASK him ahead of time to make an appointment, he's not gonna say no!

    God bless
  • Well lets see...when I need to talk I go to my friend...or my mom (it depends on the topic, you know like school- and friendstuff I share with my friends)...

    And when I need advice I go to abouna...or my mom...or a friend...

    LOL, i listed them al, didn't I?? ;D
  • [quote author=rf_zachari link=board=10;threadid=2262;start=30#msg41803 date=1131064091]
    St. Victor....I disagree....Tasbeha.org is for quck advice...but problems are personal...or else they're not personal problems...;D

    Lol, I was'nt serious about that. However, you can list your personal problems in this forum because no one knows your identity. Therefore, you can be personal, respectively (or hypothetical).
  • Why isn't God up there? You can't always find answers with people..Answers are ALWAYS with God..I'm not anti-people though..I mean, you have to express yourself sometimes to get certain things out or to get a second opinion on a matter..you know..moderacy.
  • friends
    only because my best friend will tell me like it is! she wont use any traditions or cutural answers... wrong is wrong and right is right
  • I say FOC, Because your FOC knows more than you think!.. one time I told him something, and then he told me that there are many other people who are worse than me...(lol)... and he tells me how to deal with things, and because I actually, Unwantedly done what he Told me to do, things turned out much better, very much diferent than i expected, a much nicer aftermath...(hehe)... it is also a Fact of Obedience when you go to your FOC, going to a Friend wouldn't work Miracles like Obedience, Talking to a Friend dosn't really get you anywhere in some situations, I can see that abouna knows how we, the youth, are like, they know us more than we know ourselfs... Going to your FOC, is certainly easier to talk to then your parents, because your parents maybe wouldn't really know any "generalisations" of the Youth, and Abouna knows, For Example, some Parents might think that All Parents Organise their kids days in the Holidays, when infact hardly any parents do organise their kids Days, they just let us do what we want, or whatever etc.
    Andddd, Your FOCs advice and stuff, all of it he is Talking through the Holy Spirit, so it's not anything, he isn't talking as if he is your best Friend, and you are sure that the knowledge and information he gives you is coming from the specific source, and you can't go wrong with that.
    Talking to a Friend, their ideas or whatever they tell you, is only from what they think, and maybe their experiences, and certainly another friend or another person thinks differently, so then that can create a descision to be made, whereas your FOC knows what'd be the aftermath when you obey him.
    At the end of the Day, FOC is best choice, even if it be a Big Problemo or something so minor, because he Talks by the Holy Spirit, your always sure his decision is right.
    God Bless.
  • When i have a problem and don't want to talk to my family or friends about it and want to keep it secret i go to Tasbeha.org!!! That's just sometimes otherwise i would go to my FOC.

    May God Bless :)

    Angle from Heaven
  • [quote author=rf_zachari link=board=10;threadid=2262;start=30#msg41644 date=1130911341]

    There's this saying that our desert fathers taught us...I'll paraphrase it the best way I can....

    "Obidience gave salvation to many without extra burdens..."

    "Al-Ta'aa khlasat katheereen belaa ta'ab"

    Obidience to ur FOC is key ya Marina....look....I do NOT know, of course, what this "something" is, but be sure that if ur FOC tells you something...it's for your own good....I know the medicine may be very bitter in taste and in initial effect...but in the end...this migh just be your medicine...

    Do not let satan tell you the consequences of telling your parents...depend on the LORD and see how He works...you'll be suprised, really...but whatever you do...do NOT get blindsided by Satan....

    May God bless.....

    In HIS Name,


    Sorry for the Latness BUT OMG RF_Zachari...that was so touching to the heart....THANKYOU sooooooo much for that....You are so correct....n to just make you Happy...i gave my mum a sort of Clue in...about that something n she reacted quite well TO MY SUPRISE....thankyou once again ;)
  • well, i always go to my best friend whome i can trust. she is my age but she understands me well enough to give great advices. and if she doesn't, she still makes me feel better and gives me great ideas. this is why i can always count on her
  • hmm well when i voted on this poll it was a couple months ago... right now i would definitely say my FOC...
  • i still say parents
  • [quote author=mazza link=board=10;threadid=2262;start=45#msg46680 date=1138693318]
    i still say parents

    Same with me!

    Coptic Servent
  • i heard that it's not rit to go to sum1 around ur age and talk 2 seeking advice..it betta be an older person

    also when u talk to ur FOC it's like he puts everything be4 God
    but i agree sumtimes it dont work and u have to find sum1 else...

    for me my problem is i don talk to ne1 when i need to till i explode 1 day...

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