Who can you go to?

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Who do you go to for advice?


  • brother or sister.. definitely!
  • sometimes my sis, sometimes my mom, but i like to keep it to myself most of the time. But if i need advice yeah, mom or sis.
  • friend...they always listen
  • Why isn't God on the list?
  • I agree with Mark,

    Once Abouna mentioned something very remarkable, When a person in the world is in trouble, what is the first thing he should do?...... And the answer is to dial 9 11, right!!!

    The same thing are for Christians, when they are in need of any thing, whether to know an answer to a question or need an advice to solve a problem, is to go to God.

    Actually to dial 911, which is the first verse in Psalm 91

    “ He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will abides in the shadow of the Almighty,”
  • wooooooooow thats a cool one...

    Thanks for sharing that Safaa :D

  • I have to say that I could not choose I go to my brother, both my parents, abouna, and my friends they all give me advice and help me! I love to listen to God's advice from the Holy Bible which is my favorite!
  • I talk to my psychology professors... because they are licensed psychologists... and I talk to them for free ;D
  • [quote author=socoolbishoy link=board=10;threadid=2262;start=0#msg34563 date=1123629153]
    I talk to my psychology professors... because they are licensed psychologists... and I talk to them for free ;D

    That's definitely the awesomest on the list. Wow, I'm going to be an english major and I just said awesomest.
  • Friends r ur age and understand more
  • When you turn to friends your own age..u r only seeking someone to understand your perspective.

    However, if u need advice or feedback you should go to someone older, wiser, more knowledgable than you are....Abouna once gave an analogy...."A blind person, cannnot lead another blind person".
  • my best friend is only 2 yrs older than me and she's really wise. i dont like to judge by age. i sometimes go to my mom, a lot to my friend, a lot i just pray and wait for god to solve everything out...
  • Funny how Nobody Chose "MOM" AKA MUM or Dad....
    i understand...
  • most of the time i go to my mom but if it is something that it is kinda a girlish talking i go to my friend!!!!
  • I talk to mom a lot actually, lets put it this way, what i tell my mom I tell my best friend (which I've known for 10 years, probably a sister now)...
  • BTW guys, y isn't God an option... or Saints... or Saint Mary? after all she is our mother!
  • Okay, so who do u go to when ur FOC doesn't take something u talk to him about seriously, ur sunday servant is too busy cuz they're gettin married, and ur dont want to go to ur parents...

    I would still go to my father of confession, tell him that u dont think he's taking that "something" seriously and im sure he would sit with u and try to work things out. If not, i would go to someone who is older then u or should i say wiser then u. Let me tell u why, in the Bible when solomon's son (i think) was going to rule, he went and ask the "elders" and they told him to say to the ppl of isreal that he would be kinder to them then his father. Had he listened to that advice rather then the advice of the "youth" (friends his age) israel would not have divided.

    Hope that helps Marmar
  • I chose "mom" and not "FOC" b/c my mom is with me all day...whenever there's something bothering me, shes always available. Not only that but i feel more comfortable expressing my feelings with a female because she can understand where im coming from....dont get me wrong though, abouna is very knolwedgeable and helpful, and, offers wonderful advice...i give my FOC much credit for steering me in the right direction, however, my mom and I can speak more openly with one another and she's been a great spiritual aid

  • i want to ask you something honistly who of you guys talk to god or a saint like someone has mentioned before?you know what i did have a problem one time and it was really hard on me and i talked to my best friends and my mom and when i get to the point that i can't take it any more i talked with el papa kirolos and he gave me and answer in exactly one word and that was the answer to the whole thing! :-\i know i talk toooomuch sorry for that!!!i learned something really good from that just say what ever you want with what ever language you talk!it doesn't realy matter! ;)
  • Amen, to what you have said sandrahanna, I completely agree with you. Go to God and intercede with Him through your Saint, and you will know the answer.
  • lol...it's sad for the dads..they got 0
  • I go to my dad sometimes if I need help with something I haven't picked anybody yet and I'm not because I have alot of people that I go to I can't pick
  • I honestly chose FOC, 'cuz he's always around...(I have a rather special misunderstanding with mom and dad)

    If he doesn't take something seriously, maybe it's a sign that I shouldn't too! Most probably, there's something wrong in what I think...does help to actually ask him....and may God bless...

    umm...Sunday School teachers getting ,married and thus cannot be free for their children?! wow... ??? what are they teachers for then?? :( No idana intended...but I just wanna say to everyone that not all teachers are like that...many many are actually the opposite...just a comment.

    In HIS Name,

  • this person was never actually my own sunday school servant, but she is a sunday school servant. i absolutely adore her and i dont know what id do without her. FOC's arent always available right when you need them and sometimes theres things ud rather your family doesnt know about. even your closest friends dont know what to do sometimes. your best bet is a sunday school teacher your comfortable talking to. they wont say a word to anyone and theyre more amazing than imaginable.
  • i can never tell my parent anything.......not even if abouna (FOC)tells me to try n tell them...I JUST CANT...which is happening right now...he wants me to tel my parents on something i can ABSOLUTELY NOT :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X
  • "why":

    There's this saying that our desert fathers taught us...I'll paraphrase it the best way I can....

    "Obidience gave salvation to many without extra burdens..."

    "Al-Ta'aa khlasat katheereen belaa ta'ab"

    Obidience to ur FOC is key ya Marina....look....I do NOT know, of course, what this "something" is, but be sure that if ur FOC tells you something...it's for your own good....I know the medicine may be very bitter in taste and in initial effect...but in the end...this migh just be your medicine...

    Do not let satan tell you the consequences of telling your parents...depend on the LORD and see how He works...you'll be suprised, really...but whatever you do...do NOT get blindsided by Satan....

    May God bless.....

    In HIS Name,

  • I picked dad because my dad, I mean he helps me with almost everything 3/4 I wish there was one for Parents, I go to my mom also my baba and mama are they best to talk to. ;D :D I also picked dad because dad's didn't have any votes :'(, wow guys I thought there would be son/dad bonding going on!

    Coptic Servent
  • Psalm 91:1
    [glow=red,2,300][shadow=red,left]"He That dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty."[/glow][/shadow][/glow]

    Pray to God.

    List your problems on Tasbeha.org :)
  • i tired going to friends and sometimes no matter what it doesnt help.. da only person that can make me happy is my FOC.. he basically saved me at a point.. FOC's have that power..

  • St. Victor....I disagree....Tasbeha.org is for quck advice...but problems are personal...or else they're not personal problems...;D

    In HIS Name,

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