Kingdom Of Heaven

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hey guys,
did any of use see the movie "Kingdom of Heaven"??? it was about the crusades between the christians and muslims fighting over the holy land- Jerusalem.
if u did, wat did u think of it??
would b great 2 hear some feedback


  • no sorry did not.... but i heard it was pretty good.
  • hmmmm.....more subtle globalization, politically correct propaganda maybe?
  • lol- id say it was subtle globalization.

    yea i saw it 2day and i was full excited and stuff but it wasnt as gr8 as i thought it would b

    - like if u know the crusades well (an im studying it at scool), you would c that the director left out really important events (eg- persecution of christians etc). i don wana spoil it for ppl that havnt seen it. :P lol
    it was a good movie an i did enjoy, it was just the way that he tried 2 view christianity in the movie
    - go watch it guys, i know u will like it ;)
  • like some bit shows our lord and god as loving and compassionate
    while at times, hes viewed as a god that would abandon his own children :-\
  • I saw the movie and I liked it from an artistic point of view.
    I don't think it was an accurate depiction of History events.

    ****WARNING:If you saw the movie, read further, If not and want to go see it, you may choose not to as it may reveal some plot points:

    I think the moral of the movie however (or the message) was when Balian was preparing Jursalem to be defended and he said that he is not defending Jursalim the city of rocks and stones but a city of People. The kingdom of God is in thier hearts and souls not in the rocks and stones (or something ot that effect)
  • i also heard that movie was really good to and it is really nice and a great movie and easy to understand!!!!! god bless all!!!! ;)
  • it just came out
  • [quote author=u_stole_my_name link=board=11;threadid=1892;start=0#msg28568 date=1118874046]
    it just came out

    i don't think so that is so old!!
  • you're probably thinking of another movie with the same name then
  • there two of it??sorry
  • Let me redirect your attention to a movie similar to this one...

    It was made in Egypt a while ago by director Youssef Chahine... called "Al Nasser Salah El Dine"...i'm sure some of you know which one i'm talking about...

    Aside from the horrible 60s special effects (thick blood, camera movements, etc.) I really did not like the movie. It was too biased: it showed that the muslim arabs were always smarter than the crusaders...a little too biased for my taste.

    then again, the movie was made in Egypt, so it is no surprise why it would be like that...

    I've read a little bit about "Kingdom Of Heaven" me, it's just another one of those movies that have Orlando Bloom slashing and killing, while using his looks to make girls get all excited. With regards to the historical aspect of the movie, don't even historical movies these days are made based on true fact, without being tweaked to seem exciting for the audience...

    It's the same for movies about Jesus...I saw one the other day, and it had the miracles COMPLETELY mixed up...for example, it had the miracle of the fish (when the disciples threw their net ont the other side of the boat, etc.) AFTER the crucifixion...and if you want to see more examples of that, then you should consider watching "Passion of The Christ"...

    There is really only one movie that was correctly created based on the Bible. I watched it when I was little, and if only i can find it now...

    So my point of view on Ridley Scott's "Kingdom Of Heaven", expect it to be historically inaccurate...just like in "Gladiator" (Maximus wasn't supposed to die in the was just for drama)

    Sinful Servant
  • Well the first time i saw it which was with youth meeting as an activity from a Critic point of view disregarding historical facts and religious depictions i think it was a good movie the direction and cinematics were pretty good

    just my opinion,
  • Is 'gladiator' based on a true story then? I thought it just was telling the story of a random gladiator :P
  • i do not think it is a true story!!!!
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