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    St. Arsenius the Great
    A brother questioned Abba Arsenius to hear a word of him and the old man said to him, 'Strive with all your might to bring your interior activity into accord with God, and you will overcome exterior passions.'

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  • I am in awe of this thread! Thanks alot Brother iqbal for the idea! The Patristic sayings is great and profound spiritual nourishment.
  • "This is a great work of man: always take the blame for his own sins before God and to expect temptation till the last breath"
    St. Anthony The Great
  • Found a couple nice quotes thought i would post them,

    "If God is slow to grant your request and you do not receive what you ask for promptly, do not be grieved, for you are not wiser than God." St. Isaac the Syrian

    "He who seeks anything but God alone and the salvation of his soul will find only trouble and grief, and he who does not try to become the least, the servant of all, cannot remain at peace for long." Immitation of Christ
  • St.Augustine said (something along those lines, i don't know it word for word, and i am traqnslating it from Arabic):
    How can we ask for the created (earthly things) but not for the Creator? Isn't the Creator Greater than the created?
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  • Found this recently:
    St Isaac of Syria

    “I want to speak about humility, but I am afraid, as one who wants to speak about God. This is because humility is the garment that the Divinity wore when He appeared among us. For this reason, when the devils see a humble person they are afraid, because they see in him the image of their Creator who has subdued them.”

  • Pope Shenouda said if you will rember the mazameer, the mazameer will remember you
  • [quote author=Iqbal link=topic=1722.msg26775#msg26775 date=1117523882]
    To be a true Christian

    St Mark the monk

    “Unless a man gives himself entirely to the Cross, in a spirit of humility and self-abasement; unless he casts himself down to be trampled underfoot by all and despised, accepting injustice, contempt and mockery; unless he undergoes all these things with joy for the sake of the Lord, not claiming any kind of human reward whatsoever – glory or honor or earthly pleasures – he cannot become a true Christian”

  • Love

    Mother Teresa

    "Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired."
  • Do not give your heart to that which does not satisfy your heart.

    + Abba Poemen +
  • Every work which does not have love as its beginning and root, is nothing. - Saint John Chrysostom
  • [My] sins are forgiven by Him, to whom none can repay what He, who owed nothing, paid for us - St. Augustine.
  • can anyone tell me who says this one?

    "How can one have God as a father without having the church as his mother?" 

  • "the strongest people are those who control their tongue, heart and thoughts"
    my favourite
    however, i think it st.john the dwarf
    im not sure though.
  • [quote author=Ioannes link=topic=1722.msg101530#msg101530 date=1238861982]
    can anyone tell me who says this one?

    "How can one have God as a father without having the church as his mother?" 

    St. Cyprian, but it's commonly said by almost all our church fathers.

    Not to Judge
    Abba Poemen

    A brother asked abba Poemen, 'If I see my brother sin, is it right to say nothing about it?' The old man replied, 'Whenever we cover our brother's sin, God will cover ours; whenever we tell people our brother's guilt, God will do the same with ours.'

    Abba Nilus

    "The arrows of the enemy cannot touch one who loves quietness; but he who moves about in a crowd will often be wounded."

    Abba Agathon

    "When a monk stands in prayer, if he prays alone, he does not pray at all."

    Abba Anthony

    "Whereever you may be, have God always before your eyes; whatever you do, do it according to the testimony of the Holy Scripture; in whatever place you live, do not readily leave it. Keep these three precepts and you will be saved."

    ok im done  ;D
  • Sin

    St John Chrysostom

    "So great are the depravity of the times that if a stranger were to compare the gospel precepts with the actual practices of society he would infer that men are the enemies rather than the disciples of Christ"

    "To sin is human but to remain in sin is devilish; To fall is not ruinous to the soul but to stay on the ground is"

    Solitary life/ monastic life

    Abba Philipos (Ethiopian abba that set up Debre Bizen monastery in Eritrea in 6th century)

    "I would rather live on the mountain and stare into the face of a lion than live on the plain and stare into the face of a woman"

  • I hope soon to visit St Bede's tomb in Durham Cathedral (England).
    He is sometimes considered to be one one the Fathers. He is commenting on Psalm 4 v.6

    ....because a human being lost this radiance of the divine countenance by sinning, it pleased God to assume the condition of a human countenance by being born in the flesh, in order that he might teach us that we ought to be reborn in the Spirit. It pleased him to appear without sin in the likeness of sinful flesh so that he might cleanse us thoroughly from every sin and form again in us the distinctness of his image.
  • During his life he was one of the most educated men in the whole of Western Europe and surely counts as a late Father.

    It is sad but wonderful that his tomb remains and has not been desecrated and his relics burnt or destroyed as happened to so very many. When I last visited Durham and sat at the side of St Cuthberts tomb I was rather disappointed that the presence of such a saint seemed to be treated very casually. Tourists came and went and walked over his tomb without a thought.

    We have so few remains of so few saints that I would wish that they were treated with great honour.

    Father Peter
  • Joy

    St. Abba Serapion - Desert Father

    A grace filled Elder of the Desert once wrote: ..."Joy comes from one's relationship and union with God. Mankind has been created to be joyful, not sad. When you enjoy the wrong things, you wil inevitably pay back for all this pleasure you have had. But God's joy demands no repayment. For instance I, who own nothing in this world, cannot pay for the happiness I have. I am not the only one proclaiming this truth. My brother monks, who also have nothing else besides God, are filled with joy. I have emptied myself for Christ's sake. I have nothing but my Lord - and joy. Poverty is beautiful for it sets you free. One should empty himself to make room for Christ to enter his heart. When the Lord is with me, there is my happiness also. In each ascetic cave you will find spiritual joy."
  • How much I wept at your hymns and canticles, deeply moved by the voices of your sweetly singing church!" St Augustine, Confessions of Augustine
  • not sure of the exact words, but its like: Whoever does not weep for his sins will weep for them after death. ~ Abba Poemen
  • "Rejoice o Egypt because you have torn open your pagan heart to shelter Christ and receive Him in you, for He will lift you to His House." Saint Yuhanna (John) Saba the hermit, the spiritual elder.

    We're lately in need to read and spread this comforting quote.
    NB: translated from the official COC Patriarchate site (original in Arabic).

  • I can't remember the exact quote, it was said by one of the desert fathers. It was something along these lines:

    For we are not the initiators of our thoughts, but we are to fight them.

    Another one i really like is by H.H. Pope Shenouda "Happiness depends on one's relationship with God"
  • "I may not know what the future holds. But i know who hold the future"

    Its not by an orthodox father, but it just gives us hope.
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