In the conclusion for midnight psalmody, there is the verse:

Ⲛⲁϩⲙⲉⲛ ⲉ̀ⲃⲟⲗϩⲁ ⲟⲩϩ̀ⲃⲱⲛ.

Translated as:

Deliver us from inflation.

and similarly in Arabic (from what I can tell from my limited experience).

I have been cross-referencing the Coptic Bible with English, I have only seen ⲟⲩϩ̀ⲃⲱⲛ translated as [a] famine.

I couldn't find the word (ϩ̀ⲃⲱⲛ) in the dictionary I was using (by Adeeb B. Makar).


1.) Does ⲟⲩϩ̀ⲃⲱⲛ have a more general meaning?

2.) Is there any other good dictionaries for Coptic-English translation?

Ⲟⲩϫⲁⲓ ϧⲉⲛ Ⲡ̀ϭⲟⲓⲥ


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    This is actually a combination of words. The first word is the masculine noun ϩⲏ meaning season which has prenominal forms ϩⲉ– and ϩ–. The second word is the adjective ⲃⲱⲛ meaning bad

    When you combine the two together, ie. ϩ– + ⲃⲱⲛ you get ϩⲃⲱⲛ which means bad season or famine.
  • Ϣⲉⲡϩ̀ⲙⲟⲧ
  • this is really useful.
    i used to wonder why the church prays against us having interest on our bank savings...
  • Think of those that don't have a bank account. There was times where people were not even able to buy a loaf of bread... Which is the simplest sustenance that one can get in Egypt. Inflation is bad for the majority of any country since it hurts much more people
  • oh, i thought most countries rely on inflation for a normal ecconomy?
    very many years ago (at school), we learn that negative inflation (prices going down) was always bad.
    of course i want everyone to have food, but i was taught that having a small amount of inflation is the best way to ensure everyone gets food.
    can you explain that?
    or did i miss something at school?

    i can understand us praying that we will not have a 'bad season', but i think that translating 'bad season' as 'inflation' is incorrect.
    or am i wrong?
    is inflation always bad for the ecconomy?
  • actually, inflation is very bad for a country such as Egypt since the majority are in the lower class, and the middle class is close to non-existent.

    Things are getting a bit better though...
  • i don't mean 'high inflation'.
    i mean 'inflation greater than 0%'.
    is it true that it is better for countries to have no ecconomic growth?
    maybe i misunderstood
  • I don't want to turn this post into an economy class...but I believe you can have 0% inflation while still have economical growth. In a "perfect" market, prices would just be in the proper point based on supply on demand, and productivity and GDP would increase naturally.
  • ok, sorry for all the qu's.
    i'll just think of it as 'bad season' or 'more than 0.5% inflation'.
    i just like to understand what i sing to God!
  • Don't be sorry. We are supposed to know what we are saying and why.
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