patiently waiting to see priests



  • :-)

    thanks @mabsoota. well, we will be exactly 10 ppl there, including gedo and teta that are flying from the midwest to NJ. Gedo will be the one baptizing...hehe 
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    Hahaha, Thank you so much @Mabsoota!
    I’d even bring a friend with me :)
    But this would have to be before next week, hehe, Happy Apostle’s Fast!
  • @minatasgeel 

    My father died a while back. So, my Priest has basically become my father, and Father. I am teaching my son to call him, "Abouna Gedo." Gedo baptized my child too. :-) 

    Congratulations! Enjoy the first year, because after that (if you're an Altar servant) she'll be running down the middle isle screaming, "Baba" like mine did this last Sunday. Last time we went, he crawled, now he runs! God Bless!
  • Thanks @ItalianCoptic. And may yours continue doing that... Lol.
  • how did the baptism go?

    in uk, our churches are allowed to open for 3 periods of 2 hours only each week, from this week.
    not sure how we are going to divide the several hundred ppl who want to go to church into 3 groups, and then expect them to keep a big distance apart inside the building!
    we are not booking in advance, so i expect to meet several of my friends in the 2 mile queue (line) on tuesday!
    maybe i'll even get inside before the 2 hour period expires.
    i wonder if camping out on the street is allowed?
  • Very well. The liturgy was the first to be opened for 50 ppl instead of 10. So that was kool
  • well, there was no queue (everyone is more spiritual than me and prays at home), but i did get in half an hour early!

    liturgies open in uk this weekend, and will probably only be a few weeks before everyone can be fitted in.

    is all usa open now? i see things in the news about the number of virus cases increasing in some parts. i pray u can all go to church (and ppl in other countries).

    when does egypt restart liturgies?

    keep praying and learn all you can from God as you stay close to Him


  • :)

    very weird confessing by telephone, though.

  • yay!

    finally did it!

    attended liturgy - thank God!

    we can now close the 'psychotherapy for mabsoota' thread, thanks to you all for keeping me sane...

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