is this chalcedonian misrepresenting pope saint dioscorus?


the author starts with a quote from dioscorus that if the blood of christ were human and not divine it could not atone.he wants you to think diocorus believed christ was only divine and not human based on this quote.but in psalms the Holy Spirit says no man can atone for another,so only God can atone for the sins of men.

he then quotes several chalcedonian councils wich anathemize dioscorus,severus and timothy etc

does he have a case?


  • Of course not. St Dioscorus never denied the humanity of Christ. He explicitly stated he believed in the double consubstantiality of Christ. There was nothing St Dioscorus said that warranted theological excommunication. He was exiled because EO polemics says if you disagree with the universal Church (or at least what they consider the universal Church), then you are heretic because heresy literally means disagreeing teaching. 
  • are there any apparitions in history of saint dioscorus or saint severus?
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