Regarding the hymn Intercede for Us (Ari`prebeuin) should it be said in the Palm Sunday tune? Or in the short tune I've heard before? There is a recording here  that has it in the Palm Sunday tune and I'm not sure if that's correct.
Thank you.


  • Good question.

    So, this specific aripresvevin, and similar verses that are said for saints (those are also mostly the same as the last part of their doxologies), in the context of a tamgeed, they are to be said in the Sha'anini tune. This will also lead into saying "O the angle of this day..." or all of the watos conclusion in the same tune.

    I personally don't know why the sha'anini tune is used here. Maybe, just maybe, there is a connection between tamgeeds being done for saints in churches where there are relics, and a zaffa (procession) is done for that saint, and the long Cross zaffa that we do in the feasts of the Cross and Hosanna Sunday. I am thinking out loud though...much research would be needed to conclude anything. But we do know for sure, that the Cross zaffa was not always just 12 gospels or 12 stations to go around to. This was a local rite where each church or monastery might of had more or less stations to go to and say appropriate gospel readings.
  • @minatasgeel so either: say the long Ari and continue sha3nini or do all of it sha3nini?
  • I am not really sure. We tend to say both, but only say the sha3anini one at the end with O the angel...
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