Annual Days and Fasts Menu Add-Ons..?

So... I was scrolling through the lyrics library and...
Annual Days
If you look at the bottom of each of these two, there are empty sets.
In annual, there are "shere maria shere maria" and "be ehmot ghaar" *Note: I know this is an Arabic thing but in English, Pp is P. Bb is V, unless the last letter of a word and in some names, where it is B.*
In the Fasts section, there is "Aripamevi."
I'm sorry if these are just indexes of the Acts responses, Pauline responses, and Aripamevi's that are in work, but if they're not, why are they there? Are they supposed to be there?

*Side note- The Feast of the Cross Matins Procession link is broken- it leads to the lyrics library.

Vespers & Matins."

Aripameui qen `pyi `m`P=o=c,


  • I fixed the extra hymns added into the annual and fasts categories. anyone with an account can "add" a hymn so these were prob added by mistake.

    as for the feast of the cross matins procession, the link is not broken. It's just that the category is empty of any files. We have added anything there. If you are interested into that, all the psalms, gospels and responses of the process are found here:

    Just consider that the response after each gospel response is Evol hiten of the cross and not Osanna.
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