Praying in college

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Selam everyone,

I'm a freshman in college and was wondering where I should pray?
Idk where to pray since I now have a roommate. Do i pray with her in the room or what?

Please share your advice, Thanks and May God bless you all.


  • But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. mat 6;6 You don’t want to pray in front of her because it possible you will feel pride. But also if she sees you pray she can be moved towards God more. So cost, benefit.
  • hopefully she goes to the bathroom to wash every day.
    try to do your main praying then, so you feel free to prostrate or cry or whatever, but also pray and read the Bible when she is there sometimes (quietly and respecting whatever she is doing too).
  • Hi Thanks be to God Always,

    What a coincidence! I'm a freshman too, and I had the same EXACT question when I started 2/3 weeks ago.
    I asked my father of confession, and he said to me that we shouldn't be ashamed to pray in front of anyone (not in a prideful manner, of course, but out of necessity because we ourselves need the spiritual support and nourishment).
    I was really hesitant to do this, since I've never been in this kind of situation, but I just casually told my roommate "hey, I gotta say my prayers before I sleep, so don't mind me, I'm just gonna do my thing" (I tried to sound as casual as possible so it's not awkward and so she knows what's going on when I suddenly stand very still with a small white book in my hands :P) So she just said ok cool, and sat there on her laptop and I prayed! Done.
    Now I do it every night and it's totally fine since she's knows what I'm doing and it's all good!

    Also, as markmarcos said, she might wonder what you're doing, ask, and then be encouraged to join never know!
    And as mabsoota mentioned, you can just read the Bible quietly at your desk or wherever and she'll be quietly doing her own thing.

    I'm not so sure about praying in the bathroom because for some reason it just sounds a bit unsuitable for prayer, but hey, if your father of confessions says its ok, then its ok :P

    And just one last thing that might encourage you:
    One of the servants from my church told me a story about how he met one of the American converts at our church. They had been roommates together in college and this servant would pray every day with his Agpeya. His roommate began wondering what he was doing and asked him. The servant showed him the Agpeya, explained about the seven prayers, and to his surprise, the roommate asked if he could pray with him! They prayed together every night after that, after which, the roommate was introduced to the Coptic church. He later on converted along with his mother and brother, married the daughter of one of the mo3allemeen from the church, and is now a great deacon (he's working on the Arabic, but he'll get there :) ).

    So, after this kinda long post, I just want to tell you not to be embarrassed or ashamed to pray in front of your American (I'm assuming) roommate....and don't worry about how she'll respond to it. As for pride issues, if you feel it begins to be a problem, then find another place to pray (does your floor have a common room?). But as long as you're honest in your spiritual life and keep up your relationship with God (which you'll need VERY MUCH this first year especially), then God will take care of the rest, be it your big future plans, or your small worries about praying :)

    And as always, ask your father of confession since he knows you best!

    Rabena ma3akee, and I wish you the best in your freshman year!


    P.S. I also like praying with my agpeya because I got it from church, and it still smells like bokhoor :D sooooo soothing and takes you right back home! :)
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