Vespers & Matins

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  Verses of Cymbals
ارباع النقوس
<ere Pi`ctauroc Not owner
  The Doxology
ذوكصولوجية عيد الصليب
Anon hwn qanilaoc Not owner
  Hymn For King Constantine
لحن للملك قسطنطين
Etauen ni`cqai    Not owner
Acer`epi;umin Not owner
  Psalm Response
مرد المزمور
Allylouia =a=l Not owner
  Vespers Psalm Not owner
  Matins Psalm Ak] noumyini nny Not owner
  Gospel Response `Ebol Hiten Not owner
  Conclusion Canon
قانون الختام
`Ptupoc Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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