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  Madeha For Pope Shenouda - In "The Release of the Spirit"
مديحة لقداسة البابا شنودة الثالث - في إنطلاق الروح
  Not owner
  Majesty    Not owner
  Make way    Not owner
  Maly Sewak / مالي سواك     Not owner
  Mama 3reft Minek Hekayet Yasoo3   Not owner
  mary did you know    Not owner
  Melem to baraknee    Not owner
  More love    Not owner
  Mornin´ Time    Not owner
  My church, my church, my church    Not owner
  My Coptic Church    Not owner
  My Coptic Church So Great    Not owner
  My cross, oh my cross    Not owner
  My Fathers the Monks    Not owner
  My Fathers the Monks - Another Version    Not owner
  My God is so big    Not owner
  My Guardian Angel (ملاكى الحارس)   Not owner
  My Jesus, my savior    Not owner
  My Lord Jesus, Help Me    Not owner
  My Lord Precious Jesus (Rabi Yasoo3 el-ghaly)    Not owner
  My precious Jesus    Not owner
  My throbbing heart    Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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