My Coptic Church

My Coptic Church

My Coptic church / the church of the Lord /
Ancient and strong / I wish her long life /
In the early years / after the birth of Christ,
St Mark came bearing /light of the true faith /
He dwelt in the land / proclaiming salvation /
In the name of our Redeemer /Christ who remove the sins

The Copts then believed / in the Lord Jesus .
/And joy filled all / the cities of Egypt /
In a very short time / they abolished the idols,
The cross was exalted / the sign of the faith/
Satan quickly rose / to war the sons of God/
He stirred the rulers / emperors and armies

He then declared war / on the sons of the faith /
Deny your Christ / or be thrown in the fire /
Our honoured fathers /elders and youngsters. /
Were not moved by pain /
distressed nor dishonored /But said courageously /
forward no turning back /
We don´t fear fire/ our Lord is Jesus Christ

They were beaten and imprisoned / they lived in oppression /
They were burnt and killed /and tasted every pain /
By the power of their faith / they over came their pain /
They kept believing in / the King of Peace /
With blood and suffering / they bought the faith
And preserved it for us / in the name of our saviour

Let us all rise / from our laziness/
With diligence seeking / the heavenly reward/
The church of our fathers /you are our pride /
To her success / let us all join together/
My Coptic church / her faith is orthodox /
For ever strong / Egypt is for Christ.