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  I Am    Not owner
  I am Glad    Not owner
  I am in the lord's army    Not owner
  I Am the Lost Sheep    Not owner
  I Call on the Lord    Not owner
  I can hear my Savior Calling/حيث قادنى اسير   Not owner
  I give you my heart    Not owner
  I have decided    Not owner
  I Just Wanna Be a Sheep    Not owner
  I place my soul    Not owner
  I surrender    Not owner
  I wanna shine    Not owner
  I will praise You    Not owner
  I'm Secure When I'm with Him    Not owner
  I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy    Not owner
  I, the lord of sea and sky    Not owner
  If I Were a Butterfly    Not owner
  If the Mother    Not owner
  If you love Jesus Christ    Not owner
  Ikhristos Anesti    Not owner
  Ikhristos Anesti    Not owner
  In His Time    Not owner
  In the Midst of the Raging Sea    Not owner
  Into Your Hands    Not owner
  Isaiah the Prophet (MARY)    Not owner
  IT´S A BEAUTIFUL DAY    Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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