Ikhristos Anesti

Refrain :
Ikhrestos Anesti! Alethos Anesti!
Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen

How can I remain hopeless?
Back at the place of Golgotha,
While the light of hope has shone,
By Jesus, our Risen Lord!

He carried all our burdens
Forgave us our transgressions
By his stripes we are healed
Granting us His peace indeed

The sting of death he broke
When he rose victorious
He has lightened our paths
And removed all darkness

How could He rise from the dead?
And yet we still remain distressed,
With rejoice we now sing,
Risen is the King of Kings!

The Mary´s were mourning
While He rose and was living
Christ himself to them appeared
Indeed the truth was revealed

He conquered all of Hades
The thorns of death He broke
With the power of the cross
We say Shere Pistavros!

For us he suffered scourging,
Then He died on the Cross
So He can watch from above,
What is greater than His love?

To Heaven He ascended,
After He rose from the dead
Giving us heavenly peace,
Ikhristos Analeempsis!

If Your Cross was the end
Of your Divine plan for us,
We would then not have said:
Christ is Risen from the dead!