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  • Thank you for all the post.They were helpful.
  • "Nothing in this life is 'easy'. You will find trials and tribulations in Holy Matrimony, in Monasticism, Celibacy just in life period. The key is to find joy in God an unwavering joy that comes from faith." Amen.Usually, people say "Show me a perf…
  • Here is the link I was talking about.
  • Unfortunately suscopt is down right now.However, the response to someones questions concerning eternity was that when man lives with Christ family,and all ties will not matter.I used to think that marriage and family are eternal.Thus,I was confused …
  • Now what about printing out books from orthodoxebooks from the school.Is that considered stealing?
  • No I actually checked yesterday.Thanks for the advice though.
  • Thank You.I will talk to the my instructor ,and then to my FoC if I won't get an extension.
  • I already paid for the book though.I just wanted to download it before next class.The book will probably arrive after the date my work is due.Is that still considered stealing then?
  • I am sorry for using the term accurate.What I meant is which translation is the most common used during the Liturgy since ,and where could I find it. Thanks For your replies.
  • I assume I will stick with the study Bible since I am uncertain about the Eastern Orhodox Bible publishers. Thanks
  • vs the OSB which one would you guys recommend out of those two?
  • Thank you for the  response.I did not see the severity of the sin ,nor the fact that I have been pretty much a glutton all my life. Please Pray for me.
  • Would the Coptic church  switch to the Orthodox Translation of the New Testament for Liturgy once it is published?
  • Scenario A: Well, I work in a restaurant.Therefore, if someone orders an alcoholic beverage ,I serve it.Is this the sin of being a stumbling block for that person. Scenario B:If anyone talks to me ,and complains about another person,am I being a st…
  • I am a happy go lucky guy ,and I definetly know that I am not better than others.Its just since Lent ,and after reading "The Spirutuality of Fasting"I tried to spend more and more time doing spiritual stuff during the time of abstinence .I have alwa…