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Hello Everyone,

Is it considered stealing when I want to download a books from a torrent page online until that same books arrives just so that I can do my homework?

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  • Hello orthodox4ever,
    We had a similar discussion before here:,12123.0.html
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  • I already paid for the book though.I just wanted to download it before next class.The book will probably arrive after the date my work is due.Is that still considered stealing then?
  • Very difficult one. Personally, I wouldn't think so, but that is only a personal opinion. Your father of confession, or spiritual guide is the best placed to comment...
    Oujai qen `P[C

  • I think you have two of the same book. One you paid for and one you didn't.
  • You could explain your situation to your instructor, bring the receipt or a hard copy of the shipping info and ask for a one day extension. (if you have a smartphone you could show it on that).

    if all else fails ask your FoC
  • Thank You.I will talk to the my instructor ,and then to my FoC if I won't get an extension.
  • I think its perfectly fine...
  • Shouldn't the book be on reserve at your university's library?
  • No I actually checked yesterday.Thanks for the advice though.
  • It most definitely is not considered stealing, you're just using this to fulfill your job as a student by completing you homework while you're waiting for the books to arrive. As long as you already bought them I don't see a problem.
  • I forgot to suggest this idea (since your situation isn't strange to me): Buy the books from your school's bookstore until the ones you ordered online arrive and then once they come in the mail return the books you brought from the school's bookstore. Just be sure to check the return policy. Worst thing you can do is fall behind with readings! Trust me - catching up is difficult.
  • Lol I think you're fine. I have the same problem, cuz sometimes I want to travel and don't want to lug around all the textbooks I already bought.

    I know for ROM's (aka pirated video games) I heard it is legal to download them if you actually have a purchased copy of the game (

    Though you can always purchase an online copy of a book. Or the free previews on like amazon or google books usually are sufficient.
  • Now what about printing out books from orthodoxebooks from the school.Is that considered stealing?
  • If these are books you are supposed to pay for and you don't then it is stealing. I think that the books on orthodoxebooks are free. So if they are free and you are printing them because it is easier for you to view on paper rather than on the computer then I don't think that is stealing.  Libraries often have copy machines that are for the specific reason of copying pages from books if you don't check them out. Usually you have to pay for these, but I think the payment is for the paper and ink and the use of the machine, not for the book content. So if what you are doing is similar to that, then I don't think it is stealing.
    Once I bought a book that had recipes in the back, but I didn't want to dirty the book when I used the recipes. So I found the same recipes online and printed them. I don't think that was stealing because I already owned the recipes.
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