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  • Pope Shenouda wrote a really new book called "Have You Seen the One I Love?". It's based on the book of Song of Solomon. I really enjoyed it and it definitely brought me closer to God. You might be able to find it online but I suggest buying it sinc…
  • Ioannes, I know how you feel. For quite some time now, i get extremely irritated with egyptians and the things that they do, but i've learned to just remember that you go to church for God and not for the people. sometimes its better to just keep yo…
  • it is titled "gospel response"
  • the annual gospel response is here:
  • this thread made me laugh pretty hard haha.. and by the way, my priest told me that you should always wait until after the liturgy is over to eat fitary food after a fast, even if you don't go to the liturgy.
  • lol, that's a good plan. but now that you're older, i don't think that will happen although people do make mistakes sometimes. i remember one time we were doing a fast odas at church, and one of the deacons in the altar said "Sta-thee-te meta fovo T…
  • [quote author=geomike link=topic=8928.msg111732#msg111732 date=1268025553] Ynot there is nothing wrong anyways When I was little remember a liturgy where every time there was a respnse to say I would say epi eprosevke stathite no matter what the re…
  • We were in tasbeha one time and i started singing the second hoos in the wrong tune  :D
  • me too! i really really like this cd!  :)