Far from God

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Hi feel such an emptiness inside me and I don't know what to do...

It's not that I don't love God or that I don't want to be with Him but it's just that I feel so immersed in everything else throughout the day that when I do have time at the end of the day i just don't wnat to pray or read the Bible and when I do I'm always thinking about other things.

The result: a strange emptiness that I can't get rid of!!

Don't get me wrong, I do make time for God... I just don't have that connection with Him.

Please help.


  • Batates,

    I think this book will help you as it did with me:


    It's called "Return to God" by HH Pope Shenouda III

    Hope this helps, PPFM.
  • My brother I have a couple of videos for you to watch.

    1) Come back to God Part 1- By Pope Shenouda

    2) Come back to God part 2- By Pope Shenouda

    3) "Guest from Heaven" Pictures of the Saint Abouna Andrawes

    Watch all these 3 videos, and you will surely come back to God. For the last video, look at how innocent, and humble and sweet Abouna Andrawes is. Let us compare ourselves to this saint. How will we get to heaven? We are all heavy sinners. Pray my brother, pray, even when you think God is not listening, He is. Overcome that thought and feeling.

    Glory be to God Amen.

    Pray for my weaknesses
  • Wow! Those videos are great treasures....thanks for posting it!

    They are beautiful and very inspiring.
  • also watch this. i used to have it on my ipod--it was a great help! i always used to watch it when i feel like im so far away from God. it just reminds me of who He is.

    p.s.- abouna andrawais has the most humble and pure face ive ever seen. it's like looking into an icon

  • Batates, Question.

    How able are you to sit by yourself in silence?    Have you ever tried it?  What's it like?
  • Pope Shenouda wrote a really new book called "Have You Seen the One I Love?". It's based on the book of Song of Solomon. I really enjoyed it and it definitely brought me closer to God. You might be able to find it online but I suggest buying it since it is a book that you can always read over and over.
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