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i love the 2nd and 3rd track.


  • Woah!! I think I might buy this ;D
  • me too! i really really like this cd!  :)
  • [quote author=tasbehapassion link=topic=8886.msg111291#msg111291 date=1267289743]
    me too! i really really like this cd!   :)

    THAT's your first on this site? Could of made it a little more special...
  • Welcome to tasbehapassion :)

    and i just bought this today its awesome to get yourself in the lent and repentant mood
  • Hey! Where did you get it from? I found it on the orthodoxbookstore website, but shipping and handling is almost $30 for me!! Is there somewhere else I can get it from?

  • Chanted in English. Available to purchase at and to download at the iTunes store; February 2010. Recorded and produced by the Southern United States Coptic Diocese
    iTunes Download:

    Orthodox Bookstore Purchase:

    Comments/questions/Church orders (5 copies or more):
    [email protected]

    Onishti (Coptic Communion Hymn)

    this info was in the more info of the video and i got it from itunes then converted it to mp3 then burned to a cd
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