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  • Hi ppl, (long tikme no post from me so i am abit rusty) yousef, let me tell u somethen, Abouna i.e.ur confession father has been through alot and i can garantee you that what ur hiding from him, he has heard off some one else, man , abouna has been…
    in Confession Comment by peet August 2004
  • It is not spiritual but ill say it non the less Do not dis. Bush, he has some guts.
    in fahrenheit 911 Comment by peet July 2004
  • Well i certainly have an openion. before that thought, i am abit illitrate so i wouldnt know what [glow=red,2,300]ostracized[/glow] is. To my openion: Hell with all gossip, i can't hack it. and when i do it (rare), i don't forgive myself for it b…
    in rape Comment by peet July 2004
  • hey ppl, U guys are halerious, i guess i got nothig more to ad, we all seem to agree with the idea of honesty and open heart... and parents disagreeing. Well about the parents bit. My mum now understands that it is normal to talk to girls ( though…
  • just wondering, why just US/cannada, there is other places u know e.g. Australia, it is an issue in our country. I reckon coptic schools are good because they protect our children from some bad outside influence On the other hand, there could be j…
    in Coptic Schools Comment by peet July 2004
  • :o WOOOOO GUYS/GIRLS [glow=blue,2,300]SOPT ON[/glow] 8)
  • hi ppl, It is imoprtant, no, vital to grow up with friends from the opposite sex, it is important for developing your social skills especially in teen ages. If you grow up with them, you will understand them better and will not have such desire pro…
  • hey kiro, umm look EARNEST PRAYER is your best hope, but yeah talk to a priest about it too
  • hi LOVER, MAN, i am a LOVER of God too, look as u know, we have discussed dating b4 so u can look up my opion there but i just have one little suggestion that i hope helps, Pray to God for guidance, tell him that you really want to him to interve…
  • Well, How about...we keep it like tis, because we never end up with two distinct parties, every one has a slightly different openion!!! :-\, "just like this topic"
    in suggestion Comment by peet June 2004
  • hi guys, well to be honest, dancing at diskos parties and that sort of thing is really asking for temptation, and this time i agree with SMS and egyptianprincess about dacing leading to sin, but the story about the 13 yr old getting pregnant cause s…
    in Dancing / prom Comment by peet June 2004
  • lol, yeah, just imagine if the saint came to you Well for me it will be, take me up there with you, dont leave me here any longer. If you are honest and open with that "friend", then perhaps these feeling won't come in if you and him/her know tha…
    in GUYS Comment by peet June 2004
  • [quote author=CopticSoldier link=board=1;threadid=298;start=60#msg3133 date=1086514354] Hi defender, The church fathers have afirmed that a transferance of attributes occurs during the liturgy so that the bread and wine become body and blood but it…
    in drinking Comment by peet June 2004
  • I was wondering what happened to the Tasbha lessons, aren't there anymore coming.
  • hi all, Strange no one ever mensioned the benefits of alcohol (cleaning the Liver to mension one).Alochol is also an active ingrediant in alot of medicine. It just showes how one sided this discussion can be. :( Well if you haven't guessed, I bel…
    in drinking Comment by peet June 2004
  • hi all, Funny all of you didn't know that HH wrote poetry ;D ;D ;D, he has books of them. Did you try his website :
    in Poetry Comment by peet June 2004
  • Dear Samuel, I know how you feel, i have had such experience, simmilar sinario (can't spell) tough. I wont talk about what happened, but it made me wonder why he did that. I guess there are two things that we have to remmeber here. 1. The priest…
  • Guys/Girls, YOU are missing the point here, it is not about, a hug or kiss or a handshake, it is about deep INTENSIONS. It is about what the deepest of your emotions are about those kisses and hugs. Soe people are more mature than other, some ppl w…
    in GUYS Comment by peet June 2004
  • [quote author=Defender! link=board=1;threadid=293;start=15#msg2664 date=1085718189] When I said protestant church, I meant all non-Catholic and non-Orthodox, like the lutheran, mormons, Jehova's witnesses, as they all result in contradicting other…
  • I think we have been here before. Let me share an experience with you. I had a crush on a girl before ( actuall more than one but that is besides the point). And because I was nieve, I thought, maybe this person can be my future partner, maybe we co…
    in GUYS Comment by peet May 2004
  • I have done some study into Islam and i knew some of it from my 11 years I spent in egypt. so let us clear a few things: 1. The "people of the book" is refrence to the christians. 2. Yes, there are many verses that (in condtradiction) say that Chr…
    in Islam Comment by peet May 2004
  • well with this knoledge, I have to see the film, to judge for myself.
    in Saved! Comment by peet May 2004
  • sup Gal (i am guesssing), welcome to the Family. :)
    in i'm new here Comment by peet May 2004
  • Bro/Sis, I have a list of 500 not 5, I love them all and i am sure they All pray for me, though i Have some close ones.
  • 1 thing _Sinner_, can you please add (All of the above) to your polll????? well for me i dont listen to heavy rock or metallica or any of that stuff. but the rest i listen to. cheers ;D
    in music Comment by peet May 2004
  • alrite ppl, to answer paylh, i say, my maquarie dictoinary says: "a person, usuallly form the opposit sex, with whom on has a social appointment." k, now that i clear; Dating is gonig out wif some one, usually a dinner or a drink this is a functio…
  • Sorry egyprincess cant help asking, if dating is wrong, why is it something that is alright b4 marriage ???
  • hey, girls are distraction to me when they are not even there ??? ( thinknig out loud) anyhow, there a couple of thingss i want to mension about the role of males in priesthood and alter serving. 1. In the old testment only me were priests 2. The …
  • well i hope the "Orban" (different spelling) that is for the congrigations is ok to throw when it rots, else i am in trouble. PPL WRITE MORE ON THIS TOPIC
    in Korban Comment by peet May 2004