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  • Hailemikael That is an excellent question.  Start a new post with that question!! Taylor
    in Deacons Comment by desertnurse July 2007
  • A good warrior will not just try to defeat his opponent but will try to turn his opponents allies against itself so that the opponent is defeated within. Taylor
  • OK, this may step on some toes.  Granted:  I have a VERY hard time with one church does it right or best, but I know that that is part of OO and EO and RC and heck just about everyone else. So.................... Why doesn't the OO try to convert …
  • I see what you mean about tradition.  It is very true that tradition existed even before the canon of scripture. Taylor
  • if I may be so bold: Remember that through confession and forgiveness God had the right and the power and the way of blotting out our transgressions.  If it were a balance system, I don't think any of us would be getting far. Taylor
    in Deeds Comment by desertnurse July 2007
  • um, how does the CO church view saints of the RC and EO and other churches?? Taylor
  • Most of the more stringent Protestant church I know of say that they are more tempted that other more progressive church and that the devil works hardest on those that are closer to God. Personally, I don't think that is true.  After 5000 years or …
  • My ancestors saw that there was often trouble when church controlled the state or the state controlled the church. I hope that this silly coup fizzles out with no spark and that your Church is restored to its proper peace. Taylor
  • Thank you so much for you support, it is such a blessing!! OK, so back to deacons, Are there lay official ministries just for males? Can celibate men become deacons? What is the role of non-married men and women in the church? Are monks always …
    in Deacons Comment by desertnurse July 2007
  • Fascinating!  Isn't that just grand!  Is there a male counterpart to Deaconess, a part that is laity but still vocational?  How do the lay members of the church live out their vocations and callings? Taylor
    in Deacons Comment by desertnurse July 2007
  • Very cool, that was sweet and to the point! What about Confirmation? Taylor
    in Baptism Comment by desertnurse July 2007
  • I am grateful that your Pope is well.  The loss of one who is so dear is never easy.  May God bless and watch over all who serve Him, especially H.H. Pope Shenouda Taylor
  • This is groovy, is this true??? (( When a person is baptized in the Orthodox Church, he or she is given a new name, always the name of a saint. Regardless of the name a person was born with, the person begins to use his saint's name as his own duri…
    in Deacons Comment by desertnurse July 2007
  • It seems that those things most important only come after sacrifice.  Taylor
    in Deacons Comment by desertnurse July 2007
  • I believe that a martyr is one who dies for their faith, usually in the context of not being welcomed in that faith and being killed because of it.  Therefore the religion of the martyr must be known.  I would venture to guess that there were plenty…
  • I am looking for a role.  A role to fill, and one that is more deaconess than deacon.  I want to feed the hungry, heal the sick, and cloth the needy.  I have always felt a calling to this en devour, but am unsure how to put this into my relation wit…
    in Deacons Comment by desertnurse July 2007
  • Sola Scriptura understood in its true sense was a reaction to the broad power of the Roman Pontiff experience by Luther and the people of the Western Church in the 1500's.  It was a doctrine that called people to see the power of Rome as an earthly …
  • ATTENTION, THIS POST WILL BE VERY VINDICTIVE TOWARD A CERTAIN GROUP. Personal relationship with Christ?????  What about God and the Holy Spirit?  Are we just worshiping only one part of the Holy Trinity?  Is it just all about Jesus?  Much of Americ…
  • Wowsers!  That kinda sets the tone doesn't it? Thank you though.  That was informative and very to the point. Taylor
  • I found this article in my favorite website: This article believes that deaconesses were ordained and part of the three-fold ministry of the ancient church. Taylor
    in Women Comment by desertnurse June 2007
  • Bless you heart Kerestina!! I meant no offense of course!  In my faith background, women do have roles and so do men.  Men are to be the bread winners and to work for the families financial gain.  Husbands are to protect their family, and to al…
    in Women Comment by desertnurse June 2007
  • Holy Crap! You all are like a big dysfunctional family.  But still a good family huh? Taylor
  • Aidan, I think your question is one that has troubled many people in each and every Abrahamic faith.  I can give you the wisdom of various forms of theology, but I can not give you an answer. All I can tell you is that I have done the same thing.…
  • Thanks!! I'm totally excited but very nervous also.  Even through my research, I have no idea what I'm getting myself into!  I'm so excited!!! Like my Auntie says:  Leap! The net will be there! Taylor
  • Our wounds are healed.  :P So, Doubting Thomas Where did (does) God find you?  Do you have any stories of how God has reached into your life? Taylor
  • Do you have any idea how offensive that was to me?  Please don't belittle my own faith traditions. Taylor
  • Just for kicks and giggles: Christian divisions There is a diversity of doctrines and practices among groups calling themselves Christian. These groups are sometimes classified under denominations, though for theological reasons many groups reject …
  • Hi Byrdele!! Welcome to this Coptic portal.  I have been most welcomed here, and I'm sure you will be too.  Protestant theology is as diverse as her people.  It is very difficult to nail down what the average Protestant believes.  Personally, I s…
  • Thank you so much for all of the info.  I will be attending a Coptic service on July 8th, 2007.  I look forward with much interest and excitement about the whole endeavor. Taylor
  • And more (( Cyril had taught that "There is only one physis, since it is the Incarnation, of God the Word." Cyril had apparently understood the Greek word physis to mean approximately what the Latin word persona (person) means, while most Greek the…