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  • now i want to find greec psalm 136 but with transkriptions because i dont know alfabet, alfa beta, gama....
    in help me Comment by kristina May 2007
  • -sihune melikel umuriyyine ,Li anna ilal abadi rahmetuhu- : 19 سيحون ملك الاموريين لان الى الابد رحمته -va avvedza melike bashan ,Li anna ilal abadi rahmetuhu-: 20 و عوج ملك باشان لان الى الابد رحم-ته - va eata arduhum mirasan,Li anna ilal  abadi …
    in help me Comment by kristina May 2007
  • 136: 1 احمدوا الرب لانه صالح لان الى الابد رحمته (Ihmedu -rrab liannahu Salih, Li anna ilal ebedi rahmetuhu)136:2 Ihmadu ilahel aliha, Li anna ilal abadi rahmetuhu 136:3 -Assanial adzaibil aizami vahdehu, Li anna ilal abadi tahmetuhu136:4 Assania…
    in help me Comment by kristina April 2007
  • i have a friends, they are brother and sister, and have only mother...they are now monks...and mother lives here in the town..........she lives in monastry St.Georgi and he lives in St. Arhangel Mihail...
  • thanks that is that but, i want to transkription of this, dose ane knows....
    in help me Comment by kristina March 2007
  • :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( nobady knows
    in help me Comment by kristina March 2007
  • hi, everyone i,m from orthodox macedonia, but, i want to live in egipt i love Egipt,
  • hi everybaody, brothers and sisters i'm kristina from macedonia
  • sorry, exomologija is, psalm 136 on greek language, and that sing a monks of monastry Simonopetra on Athos, and ,,Velikoe Slavoslovie,,is  on russion language, and Great Doxology, and that sing monastry valaam from is veryyyyyyyyy won…
  • goodevening, i,m from macedonia, my friend send me a track Arabic chor-psalm 136 that is orthodox singing, and a want to learn to sing on arabic... i'll try to give ex.that i here and i''l write that: ...feli me il le.... rahme te mu  .......alilu…
    in help me Comment by kristina March 2007
  • exomologija, Athos, Simonopetra-monastry, and arabic's psalm 136 and Russins monastry Valaam, ,,Velikoe Slavoslovie,, i'm now, sory for mi horible english
  • can u...? i try but, not results, and my english is horible, sorry... please, i have a track, but i dont know to write that i hear...plese, a want to learn to sing that psalm136... thanks,
    in help me Comment by kristina March 2007