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  • Wow, thank you guys for responding, you gave me better advice then I hoped for, and I really love the Professionalism approach that both of you mentioned. To be quite honest, this really helped me and for any future figure drawings or nude drawings,…
  • Science will always change, the bible will never. What do you trust, something that was always there, or something that always changes, and never truly proven. its a harsh way to look at it, but its another perspective.
  • Live in the Big apple, in Staten Island perticularly, go to Brooklyn Church, Long drive, Great church. Im seeing a lot of Bk'ers (NOT BURGER KING >:() here.
  • The coptics actually recieved ther St. Matthew Gospel from the Indians, when I think St. Clement or Origen went to india to preach, but found a strong church, and came back with the gospel. adding it to the St mark Gospel, I believe it was around th…