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  • It is obvious! Muslims will say that they are more devout than other religions and they are perfect. We shouldn't judge, but many of them are quite arogant. The reason she is talking about how its better than christianity and many muslims envy chr…
  • i just go to St Mary and St Marcarius church in Belleville, NJ and St George and St Shenouday in Jersey City, NJ
  • I used to think so too. However, after half of 6/6/06 finished, I just remembered a verse in Matthew and Revelation that states that Jesus is coming when everyone LEASTS expects, and since everyone expected he would come, he didn't. Also, before th…
  • One of the ten commandments (they must be familiar of them) is-"Do not commit adultery" (Exodus) Adultery means to have sex before marraige
    in Sex Comment by stcyrilson June 2006
  • i'm 75% sure, becuz I'm a kid. I don't think masturbation is wrong if u do it to the person you are married to. It is a sin if you commit adultery (to commit masturbation). However, you must do it to one person ONLY (your spouse) in the Orthodox rel…
  • Didn't it already come out? By the way, Jesus soooooo did not mary mary magdeline becuz he teaches us purity and he said virginity is purity. also, no one is good enough to marry Him. u can watch a sample of it in aol videos
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    in Kids Comment by stcyrilson April 2006
  • Those hymns are good too. My favorites are anual Tasbeha, especially Khen oushot Lipon and Marenousht
  • Try reading the book in the Bible Revelation. Signs that Jesus is coming is: * The sun will turn black * the moon will turn into blood * Jesus will come down riding in a cloud * a man performing miracles that will look exactly like Jesus wll come, t…
  • You might download it for free at or check any search engine
  • All I have to say, is the best thing to do is ask your father of confession
  • Any way, don't judge
  • Adults can talk about this, not kids. Don't take it the wrong way
  • Listen to father of confession. He knows more. Don't be shy, even the priests do sins. I will tell you a BIG hint in confessing. As soon as he prays on your head, somehow, he forgets your sins. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!
  • Download or listen Coptic (hymns and videos, etc.) or any search engines