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  • i am a second year university student,studying civil engineering. i have got exam on monday,pray for me so that i do wel. thanx
  • Selam Tifshet, i used to wear only skirt when i was in ethiopia as wel.because all the good preachers there teach not to wear tousers.because trousers expose the body more. But after i came to Uk i couldn't wear skirts all the time except when i go …
  • [/quote] unfortunately, I did not tsom because I live in college dorm and they don't have that much of choice,  but still it isn't an excuse.  I will sure pray for you. [/quote] Selam Hailemikael,i live on campus too!But i can cook i…
  • [quote author=vassilios link=topic=5155.msg69687#msg69687 date=1176454479] hi , are you Ethiopian Orthodox?? We have a lot of Sudanese and Ethiopian Orthodox Christians in our Church.. they're so cool. We have even a few rastafarians. Which denomin…
  • Selam hailemichael enkuan adereseh,tsom was good egziabher was yours? wel my problem hasn't beem solved yet. please pray for me. ameteslase
  • [quote author=Hos Erof link=topic=5165.msg69537#msg69537 date=1176220465] ? When you are married, you don't go kiss anybody but your wife/husband. It's an act that should only be done by the married couple in this case, so doesn't that mean it's an …
  • Thank you so much's a very good advice. ya i'll give him his space and see what God does next. anything else guys? Thanx again