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  • hey guys...I was just reading through some of the comments...noursat is NOT aghapy. You have to get a seperate dish for aghapy and give the tech the info off the site to do it. I have fortec star as well and that is what I had to do. I just read thi…
  • christ4life: do you have Viv el sodania's website or what link were u talking about? I think all the tarateel you guys have are sooo amazing. My favorite song is called fawk al salib. I love that one so pretty much talks about all the pai…
  • hmmmm...I cant seem to find the song of ana el kharoof el dal but when I find it Ill let you know. I cant remember what other songs are in the movie (its been a while since Ive seen it). try doing a search through "alah mahaba" and see wh…
  • God be with you as you battel this! I agree with both joyisGod and Eh ya botros. I will be praying for you and your brother!
  • Ok thank you Peter!
  • Thanks Fully Rely on God...that was great.
  • Have you had a friend who peer pressured you? -I really cant remember..the past 5 yrs Ive been pretty much drowned in exams so I cant remember! Have you disappointed your friend because you broke a promise? -Just so I wont lie...I cant remember I…
    in Saint Quiz Comment by coptatcu July 2005
  • That was great..thanks Eh ya botros :)
  • I dont know why catholics dont eat fish on fridays nor do I know what their traditions on fasting is. Now to answer the rest of your questions! Who told you that copts dont fast on wednesdays and fridays? Copts do fast on those days and we also cant…
    in Fasting Comment by coptatcu July 2005
  • I think that the 3rd hour was the beginning of Good Friday and the 6th hour is when Jesus was crucified...I think its about that but Im not really certain...anyone care to expand?
  • -For I know the plan that I have for give you a future and hope. Jer 29:11 -For everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. Ecc 2:11
  • ok...if your (or whoever just to respond to your example) thinking that it is not God's will to marry that person then chances are its not ment to be even if you love that person...I have had some experiences (not love and marriage but similar) wher…
  • Here is what I think: 1) We know God's will or plan for us through MAJOR prayer. If we have God in our life and involve Him through our plans He will make His plans visible for us. For example before I went to pharmacy school I prayed about getting…
  • If people will use drugs or alcohol as medicine it would be under the supervision of their doctor. It is not wrong but again your father of confession has to be aware! ok I think I just misunderstood ur question...I answered in general but ur asking…
  • sandrahanna-if they use it for medicine they drink a glass which is not enough for someone to get drunk. but like basketball said that drinking in itself is not wrong but getting drunk is. That doesnt mean that you go and drink because that can caus…
  • I dont listen to just one group or one person...but recently I have only been listening to Boulus Malak..I love the taraneem he has for Baba Kyrolos. Also I like listening to Saint Maria Choir (the only tape I have for them is Lama nezur el baba).
    in Taraneem Comment by coptatcu July 2005
  • As ServentofJesus said..Barabas is a thief and a why a murder to be released? I guess so that the prophesies be fullfilled? Is. 5: 23 "Who justify the wicked for a bribe, and take away justice from the righteous man!" Prov. 17:15 "He who…
  • Great answers guys...but just to add...the right theif-> he confessed that Jesus is the true God...and Jesus told him " you will be with Me in paradise" (Luke 23:43). This shows that He is waiting for our return to Him even till our last …
    in Why 2? Comment by coptatcu July 2005
  • WOW that was great...Thanks
  • FULLY RELY ON GOD thanks for was informative!
    in the eye Comment by coptatcu July 2005
  • My favorite verse is " Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you will have them and you will recieve them." Mark 11:24 ***ALL WITH GOD'S TIMING!!!!!!!!!
  • Hey guys, To me everyday is a miracle (although this year alone I have had like 5 miracles already!). Lets start by everyday routine...driving from place to place....There were sooo many times that I could have gotten into serious wrecks but thank …
    in Miracles Comment by coptatcu July 2005
  • [move]Ekhristos Anesty...Alithos Anesty :)[/move]
  • ok thanx guys. I called pcs and they got it set for me so I got my ringtones. Thank you for all your help. God bless
  • hmmm it didnt text message me the didnt do anything. I did the upload thing on the website but then nothing happened...I dunno where it is...
  • Ok here is another question...I did what you guys said and uploaded the tone but now how do I get it? if you have PCS please let me know cause now I have one tone hanging out and I have no idea where to get it :-\ Thank you all for your help :)
  • Thank you for your you think Ill be able to use those on my Sanyo phone?
  • My favorite saint is Saint Abanoub el neheesy because he was a young boy when he was martyred. Also Saint Mary because she is the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. :)