What church are you from?



  • Thanks for your concern.

    However you are not in posession of the full FACTS including conversation, permissions etc.... between God, The Church and I.

    Therfore your answer is therefore not comprehensively correct. I did say previously that you cannot keep hamering a square beg into a round hole.

    You may wish to keep going round this web site in pursute of trying to personally attack and discreated me........


    Kind regards.
  • Deano,

    You need to calm down. I simply stated the facts as they are laid down by the Church: If you commune at a heteredox Church without a Bishop's special permission in consideration of special circumstances, then you have ex-communicated yourself from the Church, and as such you need to consult a Bishop regarding how to rectify the matter and how to deal with such circumstances in the future.

    You stated that you communed at the hteredox Church's as a matter of your own personal option and view, such that it is a matter between you and God alone. I am telling you that such thinking is wrong. Correcting you is not personally attacking you; this is a categorical fallacy.

  • Dearest Iqbal,

    I have tried to reply to your posting in the posting headed "Gone to Bed" but unfortunately the ‘reply’ option has been dismantled – I have no idea if is this is just for me or for everyone else.
    Perhaps it demonstrates the concept of having the “last say” – a concept I once had when I was in short trousers and something I have left many years ago – however not completely as two of my children are doing it now !!

    The points that you have so clearly highlighted contained text that you have introduced, text such as “Tradition” and the personal attack.
    Its funny to read as you have moved the ‘goal posts’ from my questions to these and you insist on answering these – seems a little like talking to yourself at times.
    I would be happy to discuss these with you and the rest of the crowed on the web site. Why don’t you start some posting on these? !!

    Anyway, I shall not share some of your comments for I find them NOT CHRISTIAN. Examples include references to Protestants. Whilst it is clear from all of your references to them (in the last posting and previous) that somehow you believe they are not worthy & wrong. As a Christian I cannot pass JUDGEMENT on Protestants or any other faith. I recall an interview with a Serbian priest (his name I cannot recall at the moment) and he was asked to comment about Muslims (as we all know from the war that happened there). With reference to other religions and faith (such as PROTESTANTS) all he would say was that “I believe that Jesus Christ is my Savour”. Not once in his interview he was ever as BOLD as you and make defamatory remarks about others such as you did by saying that PROTESTANT are WRONG.
    I think I can safely say that I would take his conduct as a clear CHRISTIAN example of how to behave towards others (love) and not yours.

    Lastly, I have read your posting which is “More of The Same” – a mixture of attacks and gibberish. So once again I state that you have not affected me at all – They Say that the DEVIL will constantly PERSIST and QUESTION one’s faith. You will not be the first and last DEMON to overcome and I can safely say that I am (C)optic (O)ne hundered (P)ercent (T)ill (I) (C)ease.

    By the way have you answered any of my questions? (NO).
    And where is your definition of Protestants? (I’m still waiting……….TICK TOCK TICK TOCK).
  • its clear that everyone in this thread is anxiously waiting to see wat will happen next but are afraid to intervene. First off... Deano i saw the quote on the bottom of ur post "Father forgive them for they..." its clear to see that our Father needs to forgive u as well because this all started out because Iqbal stated that it is wrong to take communion in another church out of our faith. The same applies viceversa... they cant take communion in our church w.o. being baptized. Then you started getting personal... especially in your other post about other religions out of Christianity as a whole. You categorized our bretheren of different faiths saying they have the same trait of judging and jumping to conclusions. That is stereotyping and wrong! Then you made a personal remark about Iqbal's name which is also wrong. You have been making personal attacks and by human nature... u are being attacked right back. "Going to Bed" wasnt locked because of "last say" it has been locked because it serves no spiritual purpose for anyone except entertaining battle of wits. To sum it up... you are rong to take communion in anything outside of Coptic Orthodox (if that is ur faith) unless a bishop is consulted. Now Iqbal.. im honestly not afraid that ur a "World Moderator" because u have no control over me (sorry to be harsh) but in the other post i believe u stated that humility is a virtue. Yes this is true but when a person has a side or point to battle.. they shouldn't keep it inside... they should express themselves. Im not saying wat Deano did was ok... all the remarks and statements but his opinion is just as valuable as urs or anyone else. Dont try to put anyone down Iqbal because they dont get intimidated by you because you are a higher rank. I know you aregoing to take out certain parts of this, Iqbal, and put them as quotes and completly go against them and say im rong but its ok because this is my opinion. I hope this feud will stop and i hope God will intervene...
  • While Nahda#1 have sum it all up and has really good facts...i would just like to comment on something...
    Deano in ur post u keep going on how Iqbal might be judging u or w/e...and then at the end u are calling him a DEMON...i don't really c how u being a christian can label another human being of the same faith as u a demon...who are u ti judge let alone label someone that
    God bless both of u...how sad? people of the same faith arguing and judging...while we say we should love our enemies...and we are fighting our brothers :-\
  • Deano,

    You said on another thread the following:

    Iqbal has demonstrated the classic Egyptain characteristic inherated from our Muslim brothers including asserting their views on others, jumping to onclusions and labeling others.

    Iqbal did not assert his own view, although all of the members of tasbeha agree with him, it is the view of the True Coptic Orthodox Church.

    All I have had from Igbal (ironic as I used to know a Muslim chap with the same name!)

    It is not a Christian way to speak that way, my friend you need help!!!!!

    "Indeed all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted." 2 Timothy 3:12

    Protestant - as if they are wrong (another Egyptain characteristic, categorising and little respcet for them

    Protestant, are not just wrong but deadly, they separated themself from the Apostolic Church ending up with thousand of their own making. We had the likeness of you before and gladly, I hope, they left, We can discuss the erroneous of the Protestantism on another thread, because this thread is about real Coptic people. True Coptic Orthodox believers will not say that Protestant sect is correct or defend them.

    Another characteristic is they are right and every one is wrong. MUSLIMS believe this. We as CHRISTIANS do not make judgements for we believe that GOD alone will decide if I am to
    "stand corrected" and have "erred".

    God the Almighty gave the Orthodox Church the power to bind and loose and to anathematise and excommunicate their members if they went astray in their believe and adopt another heterodox believe.
  • Deano,

    Perhaps it demonstrates the concept of having the “last say” – a concept I once had when I was in short trousers and something I have left many years ago –

    Or perhaps it simply demonstrates that I as moderator of this forum have the ability to lock threads that degenerate or serve no useful purpose according to the forum rules, as I will probably have to do with this one if you continue complaining like a child. If you have a personal problem with me, PM me, but do not disturb the threads with non-related issues.

    As a Christian I cannot pass JUDGEMENT on Protestants or any other faith.

    Our Church - The Orthodox Church - has passed judgment on every faith that has deviated from the Orthodox faith either doctrinally or ecclesiastically – they are either heteredox, heretics, or schismatic groups, and we are strictly told not to commune with them. It is not up to you to decide; if you are an Orthodox Christian then you would respect Church authority, and not continue to persist on giving your own opinions on matters – whether it be on the moral issue of suicide, or the fate of Judas, or the position of the Protestant faith - the Church has spoken on these matters.

    And where is your definition of Protestants? (I’m still waiting……….TICK TOCK TICK TOCK).

    It seems like I’m dealing with a child; I have already explicitly defined those essential distinguishing attributes between Protestantism and Orthodoxy (which I have done for you approximately 5 times in the previous threads), in order to point out where you have deviated from Orthodoxy into a Protestant line of thought. I am waiting for you to deal with this. To repeat myself succinctly for the sixth time a) You neglect and oppose Church tradition, and do not appeal to Church authority on doctrinal/spiritual/moral issues, b) you seek to rationalize that which is a mystery according to the Orthodox Church, in order to conclude on matters that cannot be lawfully done so within an Orthodox context.

    Although, ironically, the only one who has chosen to personally attack anyone here is yourself (i.e. calling me a “demon”) , I could not personally care for your childish rants, and hence I will leave your post unedited for it speaks volumes about you in any event. However, If you continue to cry and attack any member of this site, you will receive a warning, and if you persist you will be banned – we will not tolerate this sort of behaviour.

    Again I repeat - correcting your grave errors is not a personal attack. You chose to ex-communicate yourself from the Coptic Church by communing at non-OO Church’s out of your own “view and option”. This is wrong according to Church canons; please see a Bishop a.s.a.p to rectify the matter – this is called sound advice, I do not see any personal attack here. Please grow up.

  • Hello everyone,

    I don't mean to intrude, but I can't help but read some of these posts with a sense of despair. I love the Coptic church so much and u couldn't change my mind about any of her teachings one bit...but think about the other people reading this.....we seem like a scary religion....and the insults? don't we represent HIM and the Coptic Church through this site!? tasbeha...Praise!...well anyway just some thoughts

    Take care and God Bless
  • Nadha,

    Yes this is true but when a person has a side or point to battle.. they shouldn't keep it inside... they should express themselves.

    No one said they should keep their personal opinion to themselves. But if such opinion is WRONG, then they shouldnt persist purporting it contrary to the teachings of the Church. To put forth an extreme example, if I were to deny the Trinity because that's my personal opinion, but such opinion was made out of ignorance, then I should stand corrected once someone points out that the Trinity is a fundamental doctrine of the Church. If i persist in rejecting the Church's authority and beliefs, then I should expect to be rebuked and corrected. It is very simple.

    If this thread continues to get off track it will be locked.

  • Anna,

    I'm sorry you have to witness this, but we cannot remain silent on issues simply for the sake of peace. Deano revealed that he out of his own will and according to his own views, communed at the heteredox Church's. I reiterated the Church teaching that by doing so Deano has essentially ex-communicated himself from the Church and he needs to seek a Bishop's advice a.s.a.p. Unfortunately instead of maturely taking this sound crtiicism and advice, he chooses to whine.

    We cannot help if children choose to post on this forum, we can only so much control their childish behaviour, and I will indeed lock this thread if it continues to degenerate - I assure you I wont let it drag on further.

  • Iqbal,

    I am behind everything you said 100%. Thank you for showing us what OUR COPTIC CHURCH FATHERS COMMENTS on this issue were, I really appreciate that you always insert what the church fathers have to say before giving us your most highly qualified two cents. May the Holy Angels bless you always and keep you safe from all the demons that you are faced with in your daily life.


    I will not judge you cause who am I to judge anyone for I am nothing but a sinner myself, but I will tell you a known fact about communion. Even GREEK ORTHODOX cannot I repeat cannot take communion in our Coptic Orthodox church and vice versa, and they are the ones that carry the most closest values to our Coptic Orthodox Church. So I do not really comprehend what your beef with Iqbal is exactly since he is not the one that made that rule, it was our wise and spiritual fathers that have declared that in order to take communion one must be baptized in that PARTICULAR church. According to our fathers you have sinned for taking communion in a protestant church, since they have radically different stances on many of our valued beliefs. Yes, we are all Christians and we believe in God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit but every church has their own values and stances. A person is supposed to read and truly discover where he finds his peace the most and where he feels befit for serving God best, we should never be Copts by name or by being born into a religion. No one is saying that only the Coptic Orthodox congregation are the ones that are going to enter heaven, God did not make heaven for Copts alone nor did he send His only begotten Son to save the Copts from sin. How empty will heaven be in that case???

    So please calm down Deano and before you attack anyone please reconsider if this is the Christian way of acting? And if you are Coptic like you stated previously then please consult your father of confession and talk to him about what you did, and get advice. He is the most qualified to give you advice and feedback since he knows you and your situations better than anyone on this forum.

    Please forgive me if you feel that I have insulted you in any way, but I promise that was not my intention and everything I have written is meant in a very calm manner. You are my Coptic brother and I care for your salvation as much as I care about all my Coptic brothers and sisters salvations.

    In His Name
  • Ok back on subject....lol....go orlando fl...st.mary and archangel micheal!!!
  • y is ther so many St. Mary and Archangel Michael churches... mine is... one in Orlando... one in Nashville... on in Cali i think :o
  • St john covina ca
  • St. Abanoub COC Dallas, Tx.
  • I forget what Saint my Church is named after, but I'm pretty sure the words "latter-day" are in it.
  • is it "The Church of Christ and the Latter-Day Saints"? Just a hunch.
  • [quote author=keep.smiling link=board=6;threadid=620;start=210#msg33730 date=1122656735]
    is it "The Church of Christ and the Latter-Day Saints"? Just a hunch.

    Maybe....maybe not. I just know I'm supposed to wear a white shirt with a black tie and a name tag and travel to Salt Lake City every two years......you got me. ???
  • you got me. ???

    not really but that's ok...
  • u_stole_my_name,

    Pardon me, Do you say that you go to the church of Christ and later day saints?

    My friend, this is Mormon Church!!!!!!!, Mormonism is not Christian Religion, and Mormons are not Christians Period, Plain and simple.

    My friend, I hope for your spiritual eternity that you are joking!!!!!!!Get out of there quickly and run for your own sake and may God help you.
  • Yes, it is a joke....teeheehee ;D
  • U_stole_ my_name,

    True Christians do not make joke like that, because they are serious about their eternal salvation.

  • I don't have to....Mormons do it to themselves ;D
  • im sorry, but you seriously should not joke about something like that.

    And may i ask, WHAT ON EARTH DOES YOUR SIGNATURE SAY???????? hope its not what i think it is.... ???
  • Hello Christ4Life,

    And may i ask, WHAT ON EARTH DOES YOUR SIGNATURE SAY???????? hope its not what i think it is

    I agree with you completely Christ4Life, to take the name of the Lord in vain, and to have such signature on Coptic Christian tasbeha website.

    I kindly ask the Moderator to delete it.

    laa ilaah illa al-maal wa Rothschild howa nabeehi

  • its not a big deal people lol, its just a random sarcastic line bout islam/capitalism.
  • ST john the baptist Miami FL
  • marmar,

    for the first part, it says "la ilah ilah il mal" which means no god but money. :-X

    and for the second pard it says "wa Rothchild howa nabeehi" which mean Rothschild is his prophet..... :( :-X
  • what church are you from marmar?
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