What church are you from?



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    I'm from St. Mina COC down in Nashville TN...we have about 1000 families....the funny thing is we only have 1 priest...


    talk about needing another priest!!!

    lol we have bout 120 families and we have two priests...and like onethat helps out!! andout chruch wantsMORE!!! MORE!! MORE!! MORE!! MORE!! LOL
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    Our church is definitely blessed, we have a HUGGGEE congregation but 6 AMAZZZING priests! :)

    WHAAAAT!?! 6 priests in ONEE church!?!
  • May God bless all the priests. I'm from St. Mary and St. Mark Coptic Church in Edmonton, Alberta. It's nice to know where everyone is from. Thanks to whoever started this post...It was a wonderful idea!
  • yaay; a fellow Canadian :P. Im from Mississauga, Ontario.

    and yea technically we have 6 priests but 4 churches (2 in one building, and another 2 built in separate locations), so they are definetly neeeeded.

    anyways, rabena yebarik all His churches
  • ;) our very gorgeous church of Anba ABraam and St Moses the Black beat that every1 lol :P
  • that is our church in Clearwater Florida...Saint Mary And Saint Mina Coptic Orthodox church!

  • 7elween awy el sewar deh ya mary! enty anhy wa7dah fel mawgoodeen dooooooooooollllll???? ::) wala enty ely wakhdah el sorah deh?? yareit tenawareenah bas 3ashan afham! ;D

    hey mary! how's it goin'? these pictures are neat. so, exactly, which one are you? or are you the one taking the picture? ???

    salam :)
  • well, i go to Saint Mary Coptic Orthodox Church in Delware :)
  • i am from arch. angel Micheal..Fakous..Sharkia..Egypt :D
  • i go to St. Mark coptic orthodox church in Phx arizona
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    i am from st. mary coptic orthodox church in south carolina...

    I have been there (probly will never go agin).
  • i just go to St Mary and St Marcarius church in Belleville, NJ and St George and St Shenouday in Jersey City, NJ
  • Anba Abraam, Sydney, Australia.
  • i go to saint maurice church in pomona in california its awsom i love abona mina and abona david they are the best
  • I Go to Holy Cross Church ..thats in Santacruz/Bombay/India. :)
  • im go to St.mary's church kensigton Melbourne, and St.george's church st.albans, melbourne, Australia.
  • Im from St. George church in brooklyn, NY.
  • Cool, i live in melbourne too, but i dont attend any of your churches, i go to Anba bishoy in Bulleen.
  • Hi.. anyone here from Paris ? I mean, i know there are some Coptic Churches in France, but there are absolutely none in Paris. They are all in the Banlieue (and the far banlieue).

    I think 70% of copts go to Mississuaga Ontario Canada. You lot are really lucky, even hear that your Church has a car park (4 storey car park) . There's one Church i've been to in France (outside Paris) in Chatenay Malabry, and the roof is upside down. Ya3ni.... its a roof, but upside down. Its hard to explain, but it looks strange.
  • Hi Vassilios,

    peter75 and myself are from Paris too.
    We haven't seen you since a long time.

    If it's hard to explain how our church's roof is, a picture will be better, no ?

  • hi guys,
    So where exactly is Sainte Marie & Saint Marc? Is it in paris , or outside paris. I work in English actually, but im impressed u guys speak / write english so well... bravo et encore bravo! Passe mes salutations à tout le monde.

    Enfin, j'ai pas eu la chance d'assister la messe, c'est trop tôt et trop loin pour moi etant donné que j'habite au beau milieu de paris. Eh ben, merci en tout cas pour vos gentillesse.

  • Sainte Marie & Saint Marc is like you said in Chatenay Malabry, so outside Paris. I wrote Paris in my signature because when you are in an international context like on this forum, the other members will not all visualize where Chatenay Malabry is. Therefore, when you say Paris, everyone will know where it is. Let's say that we extended the term Paris to Paris including its suburbs. :)

    But when you are here in France, everyone knows that there is a church in Chatenay Malabry, Villejuif, Colombes, Deuil la Barre, Saint Ouen and Drancy.

    I know that we are a very very little community on here. It's a pity. Well, another "clichés" on French has been proven. French speak and write only in French...But we have to change this.

    J'ai envie de rigoler quand tu me dis que c'est trop tôt la messe chez nous, nous sommes les derniers à finir pourtant, lool. Trop loin, je suis d'accord. Puis, nous avons rien fait, c'est un plaisir, en espérant te revoir bientôt.

  • Tifou, mais dis donc mec, what a nice thing to say. Thanks. Franchment, je m'entends bien avec vous, mais c'est vraiment trop loin. Mais, ecoute, on est bien d'accord que ils savent pas chanter à Villejuif?? Ya3ni, i suffer when i go there, et pourtant, i admit, we have great songs in our Church that doesnt require any musical instruments, lakin tu sais, j'en ai marre du bruit. Franchement, c'est un petit peu trop tout ça.

    OK, i'll try and go soon. Which Church do u attend? Villejuif. Its hard kaman 3alashan abouna Moussa, i adore him and i miss his sermons, lakin we need something for the parisien people.

    Take care,
  • I attend St Mary & St Mark Church in Chatenay Malabry.
    I went only once or twice to Villejuif, but that was a long time ago and I am not in a position to criticize anyone of the deacons there. They are not singing to us, but to God. You let me remember a little story about this, which is really great, and which I want to share with you.

    "Music of the Heart"

    There is a story of a community of monks in France who were popular for their sympathy and kindness, but not one of them could sing. Try as they would, the music at their services and liturgies was always a failure. They were unhappy about this situation and about the fact that the only place where they could make melody to the Lord was in their hearts and imagination.

    Then one day a traveling monk, who was a famous singer, asked to stay the night. Great was their joy, for he would sing at their vespers that night. Hearing him, the monks hoped they could keep him always.

    At night an angel came to the superior in a dream and said, "Why was there no music in your chapel tonight? We always listen to the beautiful music that comes from your chapel." "You must be mistaken," answered the abbot. "Usually we have very poor music. But tonight we had a professional singer with a trained voice and he thrilled us with his singing. It was the first time we have had such good music. It was a treat to our ears."

    "That could be," the angel said. "But up in heaven we heard nothing."

    Maybe we should not go far from the real subject of this topic. We can continue together with pm if you want.
    May God bless you and have a nice evening.
  • WHERE ARE THE CANADIANS? LOL besides from the montreal people i havent seen anyone say they re from toronto or mississauga :o
    WEll :D im from St. Mary and St. Athanasius in Mississauga Canada. Also have 2 other churches
    St. Philopateer and St. Anthony and Pope Kyrollos and St. Mina ;)
  • Tifou: I said i had enough of the noise in that Church. I invited my friends to the Church, and they asked me if I could leave. In fact, abouna had a problem with the noise.

    I didnt say they can sing, or can't sing. They just can't control the noise. I suffer a headache everytime i go.

    As for singing... the mass is a prayer. So, if they sing in tune or out of tune, and they pray, its easy.. but.... I think its the microphone/speaker system. The Church is only 4 meters by 4 meters, and they put the microphone so load.
    I can't pray. I can't concentrate. If the angels can hear their praises, then good for them, at least someone is benefitting. The best sermon i've heard is from abouna Moussa in that Church, and the tasbeha is awesome there (if there's no microphone NOR symbols!!)
  • i'm from St. Paul church .. New Jersey (South)
  • I am from St.Mary and St.Mark's church in Indiana
  • hi everyone. I went to a lot of churches. the 1st was St mary al zatoun at Cairo, Egypt. Then i went to Mar-mina feleming Alexandria, Egypt. Then i went to St. Peter and St. Paul Sant Monica, California. Finaly know i am at St. Mark Los Angeles CA and that is the best church i went to so far.
  • hiii
    im from staten island
    wer the new church is
    any1 got questions or anything about wer the church
    u egys feel freee 2 ask
    or if your an egy
    rabena ma3akom
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