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  • hi i am from ethiopian orthodox church.i realy like this site
  • ^^ I always wanted to know if you guys had a pope like we do.......Because i never hear of any ethiopian, syrian, pakistan, and all those middle eastern orthodox churches having a pope besides us
  • [quote author=selome link=board=6;threadid=620;start=225#msg35508 date=1124723640]
    hi i am from ethiopian orthodox church.i realy like this site

    Glad to hear that. :) Are Ethopians Oriental Orthodox or Eastern Orthodox?
  • Welcome selome,

    It is good to have you on tasbeha site, hope to hear from you often.
    Ethiopian Orthodox Church is, as Coptic Orthodox Church, an Oriental Orthodox Church. They both share the same believe and with the Syrian, Armenian, Eritrean and Malanka India., they constitute the family of Oriental Orthodoxy.
  • Church: St. George ,Brooklyn New york.. sorry we only have 2 alters lol but 3 priests soon lol
    sister in christ sandra
  • what are u sry for??? bayonne churh only has 1 priest and 1 alter, we'll get more though once the church is built...

  • Thank you guys,i couldn't beleive when i saw all these replies.you are so wonderful!

    wel to answer to some of your quetions;

    yes we do have our own pope
    we are catagorized as oriental orthodox church
    we have a lot of ethiopian saints
    you can see a lot of miracles in our church for example there are churchs whose holy water heals the most dangerous diseases like HIV AIDS.(i have seen people giving testimony)

    May Glory be to our Lord! we have a wonderful ancient church.brothers and sisters we should be proud to be part of this church and dont be afraid to tell other people about our religion.

    in the end what i want to tell you is that i like pope shounoda(sorry about the spelling). i always read his books some of them are translated into my language.recently i read diabolic wars and i learnt a lot! he is a wonderful pope! May God bless him more!

    OKay brothers and sisters pray for me.
    May the intercession of our mother St Mary be with you all the time Amen!
  • hey im form Archangel Micheal and St Beshoy Coptic Orthodox Church in Sydney Australia!
    i would just like to add that this church was the first ever coptic orthodox church to be built outside of egypt!!!!!!!!!!! It was strated by The Very Reverend the late abouna Mina Nematalla who was pope kyrilos' nephew!!(preaty kool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    we have 4 priests and our english church is st mary and saint stephen!!
  • MAKKAR .. yah cedar grove..

    marmar, i was readin be4 about u runnin into the altar.. nd u said abouna beamen (God rest his soul) was the priest..so therefore u must b from the makkar cuz he was our priest.. he was so great, i miss him ! so are you? and i think if u are, i can take a wild guess at who u r lol
  • i told you, im from the makkar.. nd im pretty sure i kno who u r lol..yes abouna beman was THE man.. he was sucha saint.. i miss him a lot :( .. but yah.. may God grant us the Christian perfection so that we may one day see him again in heaven ..
  • lol from clearwater in flroida nd i don't thing there is anyone ine here from clearwater!if there is i will be glad to know!
  • [quote author=MarMar91 link=board=6;threadid=620;start=240#msg35641 date=1124856617]
    lol.. actaully, I'm am originally from St. George and St. Shenouda Church, Jersey City, but then again who isn't?
    I mean all Egyptians in NJ lived in Jersey City at one point or another..

    lol... :)that is sooo true ;D :P

    my uncle and his family live in some place around here called Saddle River (even farther than Rutherford) and they still go to Bergen. That's like the main church of NJ.
  • Ya thats so cool, half the people that go to makkar, westside, and even eb and rutherford grew up at bergen!

  • I lived in JC more than 2 yrs, 4-5 actually. I went to the nadi one summer, and thats pretty much it... :-\ its sad.

    P.S. Why didn't you want anyone to know where you were from? :P
  • well when i went we had the same food breakfast, lunch and snack, lol... it wasnt that well, they could have made it better.
  • lol ;D.... funny, which year'd you go?? :D :D :) :)
  • '99 is when i went... maybe i know you but dont remember...
  • lol... you have to be making sense cause i get you, lol. come on ppl, TALK!!!!!
  • I've never lived in Jersey City, but Bergen is my church. I love that church, and even though my parents want to visit other churchs, I tell them to leave me at Bergen and they can go because I love my church so much. Abouna Dawoud and Abouna Sourial are both God sent and without them I'd be lost. They help me so much, even if it seems unintentionally, but I know that it's all God's will, so I don't want to change to another church.

  • .. ST. GeorGe brOokLyn.. woohoooo!<333333
  • i go to st. john the baptist in miami fl
  • [quote author=hahahaha link=board=6;threadid=620;start=255#msg37932 date=1126106826]
    CLEAR h2o

    lol...u r funny!
  • Sooo, we've gotten a couple of new people. Come on, don't be shy... ;)
  • oh...wait we only have 1 new where's the other one...whats his/her name?
  • I miss them so much, especially Abouna Sorial...
  • [quote author=hahahaha link=board=6;threadid=620;start=255#msg37932 date=1126106826]
    CLEAR h2o

    from what I understand, your username acts like your actually a hahahaha person...sorry just saying! now back to topic!
  • ooops! sry i forgot to welcome you! WELCOME to this amazing and beautiful site, I can bet you're already addicted ;)...
  • u got dat right n i got skool tomorrow...dunno what ill do now...

    but thanks.... ;D
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