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  • PLeaseeeeeeeee pleasee abouna and the person who put this on the altar, please pray for me that God lead me in the right way and that my dad will trust me and that i become a faithful, honest, person, please pray!


    mariam A.
  • [quote author=✞SuperMAN✞(BAM)✞ link=topic=8866.msg111104#msg111104 date=1266886556]
    this thread is made for people who have prayers that they would like to put on the altar...

    so add your post of prayer, and I and/or other members can take these posts and put it on the altar. this will be great for people who are far from any church, or have something urgent and they want to put on the altar before the weekend.

    I will check it everyday and put it on the altar for you...
    Please Pray for My children Elias Christian and Annabella for the Lord to keep them and bless them and pray for my husband Mark ti get a good stable job amen

    neshkor Allah, benakhod baraka!
  • Please pray that all Christians and non-Christians alike can
    have the forgiveness of our many sins,

    and for strength to anybody attached to a sin to be able to break free the bonds through the power of the cross and God's love and mercy

    thanks a lot
  • Please pray for me and for my brothers and sisters who are taking their ACT this weekend. Pray that we continue to study and that we do well according to God's will. PM me for names...

    Thank you and may God bless you!
  • please pray for my family(halim) that is going through one of our most difficult times
  • [quote author=tewodros_yifredew link=topic=8866.msg132548#msg132548 date=1299644733]
    Most beloved brothers and sisters of Christ our Lord and Our God,

    I humbly ask for your most fervent prayers and advice on this matter.

    I am plagued by my past incidents so much that I cant have a hold on the present, I am a college student. And I find it very hard to study and socialize sometimes. I suffer from spiritual dryness, I was sort of asking, begging God for something but which didnt happen and now I can't find him, I dont have peace within me, rather constant bitterness, angry, rageful, sorrow....

    Please share similar experiences if you had any...

    All this creates in me a yearning for a miracles about finding God, hearing God...etc?
    How do deal with such desires?
    How do you deal with times where you think God doesn't answer, where you think God has bent his arrow right at you ready to attack you... when nothing goes right? When you start to doubt your faith sometimes...?

    I also was wondering to visit Egypt particularly St. Anthony's monastery... to a specific anchorite - Fr Lazarus El Anthony.... I really want to see him ... I think he would be a great benefit to me....

    Could you guys kinda give me some info about getting to Egypt in a time like this.... with the crisis etc. Should I go or shouldn't I...? How to get there I know it is not in cario and I have to travel by bus or something...?

    Thanks an please please (please X 1000) remember me in your prayers and possibly infront of the Holy Altar.

    God Bless You.

    May the prayers of Saint Mary and all the saints be with you and welcome to the forum!
    But I want to advice you, to post this issue in "Personal issues', so people would be able to answer your questions and help you. Because this is only a prayer request corner... no offense, just a advice  ;)


    Edit: Oh, I saw u already posted
  • pray for me on the altar, my life is AWFUL
  • Pray for our Coptic Family in Egypt. Please pray for me, so that the Lord can guide me and make my path straight. Pray that I lose my fear and need of approval of this world, and that I become confident in my faith and in the word of the Lord. Thank you.
  • Please keep my family in your prayers, specifically my brother,
    Also I have a big exam coming up that I feel completely unprepared for, pray that the Lord may give me the peace of mind to concentrate and make wise decisions.
  • Please pray for me that God heals me from the disease I am suffering. The pain is too much and it is making me vulnerable and eroding my faith. Also pray for me to get my project funding as I am worrying too much about my job. Pray for me to be able to live together with my husband.

    God bless you!

  • Pray please  two russian Vera and Alexander to have forses in all temptetions and to have steady faith and to be in the truth church.
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  • Please pray that God helps me overcome the many temptations I am faced with every day, and to forgive me for my weakness.
  • Please pray that I do well on my AP Biology exam tomorrow and everyone that takes it.
  • Please,pray for Alex and Vera to be with steady christians.
    We r Coptic Orthodox only for one year,we took Communion only in December,we r alone and pray at home and hope God give us possibility to visit country with Coptic church in it.
    Thank for your help/
  • I will pray.
  • Pray for me! I have 3 exams coming in the next week or two and am really nervous. Ask God to have mercy on me. Also, pray for my church who have been surviving after the recent decease of our beloved priest and for God to reveal his plan on the new priest for our church.

    + God Bless +
  • In the Name of The Father and The Son and The Holy Sprite One God Amen!

    Please pray for my brother Tekla who is suffering from Brain Cancer that the Almighty God will give relief for him. His wife TG and our mama to be stong in these difficult days. 

    In Christ,

  • Please pray that I score well on the MCAT and that I may be admitted into medical school. Thank you and God Bless.
  • OTL,

    God's Mercy is His Love, and His Love is His Mercy.
    His Will is done through His Love, and His Love is carried out through His Will.

    All of which He has for your brother.

    I am particularly sensitive about your situation, his situation, and the family associated.
    I offer my prayers, and I am sure that God does hear these supplications.

    The Lord is with you--always.
  • please pray for my two children that may they come back to Christ  and the church

    Rabena yebarek
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    Help me in school Lord!
  • Pray for my sister elaria who is very distant from the church and is in great danger
  • May God guide Elaria on the right path. Amen.
  • Please pray for me because I will taking my MCAT exam this Thursday and will be applying to medical school this summer. Please ask God that He brings success on this exam and chooses a good medical school for me that is close to home and family. Thanks a lot and God Bless.
  • Please pray for my family and I
  • Pray for Henrik, Nathalie, Eric, Alexander, Andrzej, Erika, Thomas, Michael
  • How does this differ from normal prayer request and prayer intentions?
  • Thank you very much for this opportunity!!!

    Please pray for my family's friend who is suffering from cancer in three different parts, his brain, his lung, and his bones.
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