Pray for... (on the Altar)



  • My dad needs prayers for his health! thank you
  • pray for my sister cuz she is being a bad girl and will later litterlay be a bad girl in the future thank u and GBU
  • For me xewad, God know my real name. I have posted my case in separate thread link below
    My case HERE
  • Thank you mabsoota God bless you, may He grant you success in your career.

    May the Lord heal all our beloved sick.
    May the Lord guide His people and all youth towards holiness.

    Thank you all for your kindness.

  • please pray for my daughter who will be having surgery soon .
  • May the Lord have mercy on her, and on you and your family, and on all those medical staff who will be caring for her.

    Lord have mercy.

    Father Peter
  • thank god ....


    thank god ....

  • Pray for Mina.

    I recently realized that the priest mentions names on the altar and how people hand notes to the deacons for the priest to read...does the priest only mention the names or their problems as well?

    [quote author=Servant of Jesus Christ link=topic=8866.msg113099#msg113099 date=1270963475]
    I am sick and tired of my love of sin!
    This, and doing well in school. I get a sense that my parents worry constantly about me  :(
  • Thankyou all for your prayers .My daughter had her surgery and it went well .Please continue to pray for her because she has still certan issues going on .She is still at risk in the following few months .
    Sibhat leEgziabher .
  • In the name of Trinity, One God Amen.

    Please pray for me so that I will be able to receive the Holly Communion.  Every time I prepare myself for It, I keep falling.  The thought that yesterday has already passed, tomorrow is not mine, and I only have now bothers me a lot because I have not prepared myself if I am called now.  So, please pray for me about it.  Baptismal name is Gebre Hanna. 

    May God bless.
  • Me, My family and Tant Nevine (a friend who is sick).
    Tant Nancy (Stuggling in her career and current job)
  • may God guide you and help you.
    about Holy Communion, it is not God who prevents us from taking it, it is our enemy who whispers in our ear that we are not worthy.
    of course we are not worthy, that is why our Lord Jesus had to die for us. we just have to repent of our sins, go to confession and believe that and then ask God for His mercy.

    we take the Holy Body and the Precious Blood humbly and knowing that only through God's love we are saved, not through our own efforts.
    may God show you His love and grace, and i pray u don't give up, but come close to God's love and mercy through the Holy Communion.
  • Please pray on the Altar:
    + For Nabil (GP doctor), because we've been without a stable job for many months and my family and I are getting into serious difficulties.
    + For my wife Mariam, who struggles to maintain our family's integrity.
    + For my daughter Cherine, who currently needs an important financial support from us.
    + For my son Fadi, to decide to serve the Lord again as a deacon and to study better this year.
    + For my mother Adele, who is ill and also suffering from a psychiatric disorder.

  • May the Lord have mercy on you all. I will add these names to those we pray for each Sunday.

    God bless you

    Father Peter
  • Thank you Father Peter we really appreciate this a lot.
    May the Lord bless your ministry and bless you and your family.

  • Please pray for me that the Lord may have mercy on me and bless me with the strengh and endurance against sin and temptation. For the temptation of lust and pride have blotted out my eyes from seeing your Holy light, O Lord, and lead my weak will astray from your loving-kindness. Please pray for my salvation. O, Lord grant mercy and salvation unto those who seek your Holy name, and unto those who sit in darkness, and despair. Please pray for me. God bless you all. Thank you father for praying for all of us.
  • pray for me. i just wanna get closer to God.
  • i will be caring for three children whose mom suddenly died .they will be in my care for a period of time .please pray for them and for me .For them to get some consolation and for me to give me some strength .

    wosibhat le Egziabher
  • May the Lord have mercy on you all.

    What are the children's names? PM me if you want.

    God bless you all and surround you with his comfort.

    Father Peter
  • May God help you axum and support you and the children.

    Glory be to God for ever. God is good and answers your prayers.
    The Lord has helped us and has miraculously solved many problems.

    Please pray on the Altar for:
    + My cousin John so Our Lord Jesus Christ heals him from his difficult cancer.
    + For Nabil to find a suitable job to be able to support his family.

    Thank you. May God bless your ministry. Amen.
  • Please put my family on the altar, my mum, dad, sister, khaloo, and ii
  • please pray for my daughter M .

    sibhat le Egziabher
  • That I would regain my faith and trust in God's name, in his loving kindness, power and wisdom. May I have enough strength to move on with life.
  • Please pray for 5 loving Families that have to leave their home and Please pray for the person that brought us in this Situation.
    Thank you Father Peter we really appreciate what you are doing for us.
    Please rememeber us in your prayers.
  • May the Lord have mercy on you all and preserve you in faith and hope.

    May the Lord provide for all your needs.

    Do not let this situation overwhelm you, but find each day all of those things for which you can give thanks to God.

    Father Peter
  • Please pray for my upcoming exam, that God strengthens me in my preparation and makes the questions relevant to my study.
    Thank you
  • JG,

    Do you really mean that last part of your request?  I think you are a bright guy.  God will grant you strength--no doubt.
  • [quote author=ilovesaintmark link=topic=8866.msg123359#msg123359 date=1291409645]

    Do you really mean that last part of your request?  I think you are a bright guy.  God will grant you strength--no doubt.

    Thank you for the kind words ilovesaintmark.

    It's my first exam in medical school, and I'm completely unfamiliar with the style of questions they may/may not ask, so I'm worried on that score. I also need to work harder over the next few days, as God won't grant me success if I've been slacking (which I have been doing).

    I'm also a terrible sinner, and simply not worthy of any love or blessings from God. Every time I sin, it's as if I'm spitting in his face as he carries the Cross on the way to Golgotha for me. Every time I sin, it's as if I take his death for me in vain, his precious Blood for nothing, as if his love is of no value to me. And I sin very frequently.

    Please pray that God rids the love of sin and the straying from his path from my heart, that is far more important than success at this exam.
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