Philly bible competition

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hey guys i was just wondering.. .who else on this stie participates in the philladelphia bible competition?!?


  • Where was this competition held?
  • Philly?

    I'm in Canada and im not invited but i heard about this through pple off the site... sounds like fun... maybe one day Ontario will be added to that list :'( maybe one day.

  • I AM! I AM! IAM! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  • me
    u could just register ASM. u still have a chance. registration ends Aug. 7th. its probably a long way though for u. u need a min. of 5 pple, max 7.

    guys, we need to have like a sticker or something so that we could see each other and introduce ourselves. ;D
  • I want to..
  • so then....
  • [quote author=LostEgPrincess link=board=1;threadid=492;start=0#msg8152 date=1091401824]
    u could just register ASM. u still have a chance. registration ends Aug. 7th. its probably a long way though for u. u need a min. of 5 pple, max 7.

    Maybe another year when we have more time to prepare... this was the first ive heard of it

    thanx neways
  • yay! i might meet you all!!! lol..
  • I'm doing it

  • Guys. we need to have something that distinguishes us from everyone else as "tasbeha people". please tell me what you think it should be...

  • read my post under the other forum where that question was posted.. lol ;)

  • Going, going,

  • I agree with sleepy... after the competition we should meet up somewhere....
  • that may not be possible for those of us who are going in a church van.. with everyone and need to leave at the same time everyone else does :-\
  • Well, we have the time, let's figure something out now, and along with that, something that will distinguish us from the rest of the crowd as "tasbeha people"

  • i say we all wear some shade of orange..that'll be the easiest way to distinguish us...
  • i dont like the color idea cause u might not have that color
  • I'm gonna be in 2 YAYAY ;D
  • but i dont want to wear a hat .. and annoying "why r u wearing a sticker that says tasbeha?" questions.... i dunno my idea is colors... but if u have more suggestions im open ;)
  • I don't know. Colors can easily be copied, and nametags are annoying, and I'm not wearing a hat inside, over my dead

    I don't know, carry something symbolic....a teddy bear? lol

  • how about a sticker that says i love tasbeha?
  • lol. Guys wear a sign around your neck saying Tasbeha and your username on it. I'm going now definitely.
  • what about a very easy idea decide a time and a place in the church and all of you meet there ???
  • time would be hard, but we could do it after mass. we could meet infront of the church. wat do guys think?
  • i come up with another great idea high 5 to myself ;)
  • i got it! right after they announce the winners, we could meet up by the bathrooms, cuz outside itll probably be crowded and i dont know if any other place would work that well
  • i kno this is off topic but churches are you guys from. Im from St. Abanoub and St. Antonious in Bayonne, NJ
  • churches leave as soon as they get out. thats not a good idea. ill go around asking if pple if they r from i dont mind really.
  • what about 10 minutes before the first competition start??
  • Well yea, but that could be a pain in the butt, i say that we have a sticker with our username on it from tasbeha. That was a good idea, and that way people won't stop to ask us what's tasbeha. org...what do you think?

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