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the first 2 letters in arabic alfabit is
it's name is (Alef)
pronounciated (A)
it's name is(baa)
pronounciated (b)

Some words

Note:If you pleased wih this series I can send new lesson once a week at least
waiting your opinions


  • Shamas,
    Thank you for all your efforts. Please do continue these lessons, you are helping many of us learn!! Thanks so much! ;)

    Hail to you, O Cross: the weapon of victory: Hail to you, O Cross: the throne of the King.

    - Chris
  • Hey Shamas there is 2 more that can help out with arabic here (am i right matt?) so we can divide up the work by 3
    it was just a thought
  • Yes, please continue the lessons. I can't read Arabic and I' m missing out on a lot. :-\ If you ever need help in English, or if you want to start a forum for it, tell me and I'll be glad to.
  • Sure wasim, but if people are interested i could start the same with coptic and leave the arabic to u, caus ur better in arabic than i am ;)
  • whatever floats the site boat :D
  • Hey Shamas,
    I am a new fairly new member and i really appreciate what you are doing foe everyone. :)
    I thank you a lot because i need help with arabic, u know because of all the hymns and readings.

    once again i really appreciate this, and im sure a lot of othe people do to
  • Hi friends

    your replies is really encourgring. I wolecome your help Wasim whatever the kind of help(lessons, comments..ets).
    thank you Lord have murcy for offering me help in English
    I'll send you questions when I have some difficulties it's very kind of you.
    I'll be happy matt if you can help us in learning coptic language. I don't know more than the letters and how can I pronounciate it. It will be very interesting for me.

    Thank you chris and aganoustous for your kind words
    the lessons will continue-God willing-

    Pease and love

  • ok i guess we are taking it a couple letters here
    so that makes 4 letters a week ok guys get ready for those FUN lessons


    This is called taah
    an example is (tata = grandma)ÇÊÇÊÇ
    This is called saah
    an example is (salab = fox) ËÚáÈ
    i know saah looks like taah but saah has 3 points on top of it while taah has only 2
  • can u make the arabic letters a little bigger please, they r kinda hard to see. and thank u sooo much for all that r doing this
  • I think it would be wise to list all the letters at once that way those who are able to learn fast aren’t held back with only a few letters at a time.

    Here is the trick… write the letters over and over and over. THEN juuuuuust when you think you know them all by heart, write them 10 more times.

    Yes folks, this means if you want to learn you’re going to have to pick up some type of writing utensil whether it be a pen, pencil, or crayon, you’re going to have to do some work if you really want to learn. Sorry for ruining you’re summer…

    Alif Ç

    Bih È

    Tih Ê

    Thih Ë

    Geem Ì

    Hah Í

    Kah Î

    Dal Ï

    Zal Ð

    Rih Ñ

    Zayn Ò

    Seen Ó

    Sheen Ô

    Saad Õ

    Daad Ö

    Tah Ø

    Zah Ù

    Ayn Ú

    Gayn Û

    Fih Ý

    Caaf Þ

    Caff ß

    Lamm á

    Meem ã

    Noon ä

    Hih å

    Woow æ

    Yih ì
  • You're not ruining anyone's summer, you're not forcing anyone to

  • Mark a quick question if you know arabic why didn't you offer to help from the beginning you would have saved some trouble on shamas and i?? :)
  • isnt there another way to write hih? i know my letter, i just get some of them confused and that one is numero uno :-\
  • Reading isn’t the issue here. Anybody can learn to read; that’s easy. Understanding what you read is where the talent comes in. you can be a connoisseur at speaking Arabic; however the written language is not the same as the spoken Arabic. In fact, its not even remotely similar. Good luck…
  • Yea, it does take a lot of effort to learn it all, but you won't be disappointed with the outcome ;)

  • [quote author=Wasim link=board=1;threadid=458;start=0#msg7336 date=1090202596]
    Mark a quick question if you know arabic why didn't you offer to help from the beginning you would have saved some trouble on shamas and i?? :)

    My Arabic isn't great...
  • when the priest is saying the mass in arabic, i follow in the book, although sometimes i get lost, yet i find myself and i could understand it.
    first things first, learning how to read, then learning hte language. my opinion

    btw, can someone answer my ? about hih? thankx
  • It's so confusing and these mini lessons arent helping, they just make me more confused. it looks like random lines and dots. Im one of those pple who still doesnt know the numbers 7 from 8 in arabic.... is 7 the up side down V? or is 8 the V? who knows? not me thats for sure

  • seven is the v, cause it has the v of seven, eight is the other way. ;)
  • woooooooooooooo i'll try to remember that one, neat trick!


    ASM :)
  • [quote author=egprincess link=board=1;threadid=458;start=15#msg7343 date=1090203070]
    btw, can someone answer my ? about hih? thankx

    Hih isn't the only letter that can look different. A lot of them look different depending on where they are in the word. For example the letter Meem depending on whether it is the first letter, the last letter, or a letter in the middle can look different.

    Word of advice… learn the alphabet first, then worry about the placement of the letters.
  • [quote author=ASM link=board=1;threadid=458;start=15#msg7344 date=1090203093]
    it looks like random lines and dots.


    [quote author=Mark423 link=board=1;threadid=458;start=0#msg7333 date=1090202313]
    ...write the letters over and over and over. THEN juuuuuust when you think you know them all by heart, write them 10 more times.

    Over and over and over and over; get the idea? You're not going to learn them by looking, you must WRITE! (Maybe print out the page so you don’t have to stare at your computer screen)

    Over and over...
  • :-\ i've actually tried all i got down was my first name then i lost interest.

  • i hate to say this but arabic is a hard language :-X
  • Mark, calm down. wasim, yes it is. like i said, i know most of the letter, in the middle of the words, separate etc. only some r confusing and even with those confusing ones, i could read, but no, i cant write
  • i dont mind saying it, its HARD, impossible... i cant stand trying to learn >:(... i dont think ill ever get the hang of it

  • u will, take it one small step at a time. go at ur own pace.
  • yeah, i'm not really interested in learning it either... i dont see the real reason behind learning it. espeically living in the country that we do

  • come on ASM don't give up on us yet we are still starting you never know by the time we are done you might be better than me at arabic :D
  • But don't you think it would be aweome to say that you know another language other than english in which you can read and write? ;D

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