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    guys.... i do beleive weve gone jsut a bit off topic......i have a question... what do u do when you like a guy but you dont... like..hes a best friend and ive liked him for about 4 years now..but i dont want to like him the way i do... i love him soo much as an older borther its not even funny... the ojnly reaosn i know i still like him is everytime he touches me i get the butterflies...(its stupid i know.. but its just what happens).... can anyone help mee?

    hey youst718,

    Firstly, denying or wanting to *change* your feelings is not healthy. I think what you feel about this guy is normal and more importantly, sometimes it comes after getting to know someone on a deeper level. You say that he's like an older brother to you. Now that you've trusted him and you two are close, your guards are pretty much down and attraction is building. Actually, I'm not surprised that you like him. And although to a certain extent age is a factor here, all that age dictates though is how we deal with things.

    This may be a strange question, but why is he touching you in the first place? Is it like a hug or like when you guys are just messing around? I'd say if his touching is inciting your feelings, definitely talk to him about it. Especially if it's making it hard to deal with the feelings that come up. And since you guys are like brother and sister, talking about these things in confidence will be easier than if you were just two friends.

    It's really unhealthy to try to deny or suppress your feelings. It's also wrong to just let them go free and let your mind run with them. The best and most healthy way is to just stop and think about what and why about your feelings. Then, talk to the guy and tell him. I wouldn't jump into talking to him until you spend some time in prayer and guidance with your FOC.

    Hope that answers your question. Send me a private message if you wanna talk this out further away from bublic ejebshan eyes. ;D

  • Is it like a hug or like when you guys are just messing around?

    lol sotirmou... yes its just like those friendly hugs n stuff..nothing bad orwatever..... soory if that wasnt clarified for everyone else as well
  • Lol that's what I thought as well.. better speak to him about it zen.

  • but i dont think i can... hes convinced i dont like him..because i made the stupidest mistake fo ym life before and told him i did then my best friend finally convinced him that i was totally "over him" so now i cant say anything... im afraid he'll be upset that i lied to him ro watever n he'll act extremely akward around me..a sa best friend i also know he acts extremely timid around people wen he finds out things liek that...
  • I see what you mean. But you still need to talk to him. If something he is doing is getting to you, honesty is needed so he knows exactly where you stand. In the future, try to deal with these things on your own without involving others, even your closest friends.

    Talk to him and tell him that your feelings have changed, and that all these hugs are kinda helping them along. It really is better to bring these things to light rather than hiding away from them.

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