im not gonna press caplock for you to read this.

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i am going through so much stress right now in every aspect of my life.
socially-academically-religiously- and everything in between
please keep me in your prayers.

please please please pray for me.

I just wanna shoot myself and be done with everything.

just remember my name tonight when you pray for going to bed.


  • Please do everything you can to fight through it.  :( It will pass before you know it.

    You are in my prayers.
  • Antonious, please do not loose hope or trust in God.  You must hold on through this struggle and keep praying.  AND REMEMBER, "Shooting yourself" will NOT solve any of your problems.  

    Do NOT let satan fill your mind with hopelessness.  There is always hope in Jesus Christ, no matter what problems you're in.  Only Him can solve all your problems. Just be patient and wait for Him.  

    Read these verses/Psalms:
    Psalms 3, 23, 91, 121, 139,
    Matthew 6:19
    John 4:1
    Hebrews 1:1
    Romans 8:31
    Coronthians 1:13

    Ask for the intercessions of all the saints especially Virgin Saint Mary, Pope Kyrollos, St. Mina, St. George, and St. Philopateer Mercurious.
    You'll be in my prayers and keep in mind that God is always on your side.
  • Dear Antonious,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are overwhelmed with stress at the moment. Sometimes life just becomes too much. However, rejoice because it is times like now that make the good things God has in store for you that much more precious!

    P.S. I noticed that your profile pic is of St. Mina's Church at St. Antony Monastery in CA! Imagine yourself there man, that always helps me when I am stressed out.
  • Hang tight DC! The beginning of Lent is always this tough, unfortunately.

    Don't lose the peace inside you. You were born for greatness :)

    Youre in my prayers!

  • i was just listening to this: maybe it's helpful

    and this:
    may God show you the way to peace.
  • Watch this touches my heart everytime I watch it.

    No matter what happens in the world in anyone's life, God will always be reaching towards you waiting for you to come back in his arms so he can help you and save you.

    I never get tierd of watching this again and again and again, its just that beautiful - the concept and all.

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